Tesco Bank partners with Onfido on onboarding for Tesco Clubcard Pay+

Tesco Bank partners with Onfido on onboarding for Tesco Clubcard Pay+

Tesco Bank today announces a partnership with Onfido, the global identity verification and authentication provider. Onfido provides a secure application process for new Tesco Clubcard Pay+ customers, following the launch of the new product in January.

Tesco Clubcard Pay+ is an innovative first for the UK market, allowing Clubcard members to pay with their Clubcard and pick up extra Tesco Clubcard points wherever they shop. Shoppers can add money and ringfence their grocery spend from any UK bank account into their Tesco Clubcard Pay+ account, using the free Tesco Bank mobile banking app. Clubcard Pay+ also gives shoppers the power to save while they shop by rounding up their purchases to the nearest pound, saving the difference into a Round Up account. Tesco Bank also plans to introduce additional features to Clubcard Pay+ which will further help families to budget and save whilst being rewarded for their spending.

Tesco Bank’s partnership with Onfido enables a smooth and fast online user journey for customer applications by using digital identity verification to streamline the process. Rather than filling out postal applications, customers can apply directly through the Tesco Bank mobile banking app. Users simply take a photo of their government-issued identity document (ID) and a selfie. Onfido first checks that the ID is genuine and then matches it with the user’s face. This ensures that the person presenting the identity is the rightful owner of the ID and is physically present. This will allow customers to prove their identity anywhere and anytime with a quick and user-friendly process to open an account.

“The world of banking and e-commerce has changed significantly in recent years and customers are increasingly looking for integrated, seamless experiences,” said Sigga Sigurdardottir, Chief Customer Officer at Tesco Bank. “Tesco Clubcard Pay+ uses the Tesco Bank mobile banking app to deliver the latest measures and technology to give customers confidence and the highest levels of protection from fraud. By partnering with Onfido, we’re building on our reputation as a trusted high street bank with the addition of innovative technology that gives customers the best digital experience possible.”

Onfido’s advanced identity verification prioritises security, preventing fraudulent application attempts while meeting all industry regulations designed to keep users and businesses safe.

Onfido’s unique SDKs, now integrated within the user-centric design of the Tesco Bank mobile banking app, includes glare and blur detection, which provides real-time feedback to help users submit high-quality pictures for document verification. Additional features, such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Autofill, extracts data from the ID to prefill the application form to streamline the account opening process further. Clubcard Pay+ customers can benefit from this improved experience using a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

“By combining decades of banking experience with advanced biometric and AI technology, Tesco Bank is now able to accelerate the account opening process for new Clubcard Pay+ customers,” said Mike Tuchen, Chief Executive Officer at Onfido. “The innovative technology provided by Onfido underpins a seamless and secure application experience that protects customers and provides them with a streamlined access to Clubcard Pay+.”

Register to join the upcoming webinar on Wednesday 9th March 2022, with experts from Tesco Bank, HSBC, 11:FS and Onfido to hear about the evolution of onboarding and how customer demand is changing.

TSB’s new customer onboarding journey

TSB’s new customer onboarding journey

As demand for digital services continues to surge, TSB has launched a new customer onboarding journey through the TSB Mobile Banking App, which will enable people to access a Spend & Save current account in just 10 minutes.


At the heart of the new onboarding journey are security, speed and convenience for customers. The launch follows a dramatic shift towards digital banking – as customer behaviour continues to evolve.


Currently, 90 percent of TSB’s servicing transactions and 75 percent of its sales are conducted digitally. Additionally, 80 per cent of new customer sign ups at TSB happen via a mobile device as increasing numbers of customers bank digitally.


Most secure and seamless journey to date

TSB has partnered with Onfido, a global identity verification and authentication provider so TSB customers can sign up for a Spend and Save account simply by taking a photo of their identity document (ID) and a short video of their face.

Onfido’s award-winning technology first checks that the ID is genuine and then matches it to the user’s face using biometric technology. This ensures the ID is not fraudulent and that the person presenting the identity is its legitimate owner and is physically present – making it the most secure journey to date.

Customers can then start their digital journey anywhere, anytime, and gain access to all the benefits of the Spend & Save account. The account is underpinned by TSB’s award-winning Fraud Refund Guarantee offering customers market-leading fraud protections.

New customers also benefit from a branch network with 220 TSB branches across the UK – as TSB combines cutting-edge technology and a digital focus with its high-street presence.  

New features include:

  • A 10-minute sign-up process
  • Just eight scrolls on a mobile device, compared to the web journey of more than 60.
  • 22 questions to open an account (down from 49).
  • Email and device verification for increased fraud protection
  • Digital identity verification including biometric and document verification technology provided by Onfido
  • Following sign-up, customers will have instant access to the TSB mobile banking app and their account details


TSB worked with the Royal National Institute for the Blind to ensure greater accessibility features were at the heart of the design. As such, the new digital journey meets AA standards.

Kavin Mistry, Head of Digital, TSB, said:

“Demand for digital services is soaring, and we are proud to meet new customers’ needs with a convenient, secure and streamlined onboarding journey – with sign-up in just 10 minutes.

“Today’s launch demonstrates our customer-focused digital offer that complements a modern branch network; offering customers the best in both digital and traditional banking.”

Dimitrie Dorgan, Senior Fraud Risk Manager, Onfido, said:

“Security and a smooth user experience are paramount for banks when it comes to building trust with their customers.

“With Onfido’s AI-powered technology, identity verification is streamlined for a user-friendly onboarding process while conducting strong fraud detection and mitigation in the background.

“We’re excited to be working with leading UK banks such as TSB to help them rapidly and securely evolve to meet their customers’ changing digital needs.”

Onfido partners with matrimony site

Onfido partners with matrimony site

Jeevansathi, one of India’s leading matrimony platforms, today announces a partnership with Onfido, the global identity verification and authentication provider. The collaboration enables Non-Residential Indians (NRIs), citizens from birth or ancestry that reside outside of the Republic of India, to prove their identity online with their local (identity document) ID. The partnership enables users globally to trust conversations with potential partners as part of a secure matchmaking experience.

For more than 20 years, Jeevansathi has been helping Indian residents and NRIs to find the right partner. A key factor behind its success has been a commitment to trust and security, enabling users to build true relationships in a safe environment. This includes offering voluntary identity checks to increase trust on the platform and mitigate fake accounts, an important innovation in an industry without any Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations in place.

However, while Indian residents can be easily verified against the country’s identity database, NRIs must use local IDs in their place of residence to confirm their real identity. Without a way to authenticate global ID documents, NRIs in 13 countries would be unable to show that they are verified users.

As the number of users on the matrimony platform grows rapidly, Jeevansathi required a scalable, comprehensive identity verification service to accommodate its NRI users. By using Onfido’s best-in-class identity verification technology, Jeevansathi can accurately verify thousands of different government-issued identity document types, across nearly 200 countries – allowing NRIs to be onboarded faster and more securely.

Commenting on the partnership, Rohan Mathur, Business Head of Jeevansathi said: “Our aim at Jeevansathi is to foster genuine relationships in a trustworthy and secure way. Identity verification sits at the heart of that, as an important way to help users of the platform feel safer. In our next stage of growth, it’s critical that NRIs can access our global community of users, while preventing nefarious actors from disrupting the matchmaking experience. Onfido’s technology has been crucial to supporting this expansion, enabling us to rapidly onboard users and facilitate genuine relationships.”

To verify their identity, NRI users simply take a picture of their government-issued ID and a selfie. Onfido then confirms the user’s real identity by analysing the photo ID, checking that it is legitimate and comparing it against the selfie image, to prevent identity fraud. This automated process ensures that the account user is also the owner of the ID and is physically present during the onboarding process.

NRI users will be able to voluntarily verify their identities with Onfido. All verified accounts will be signified by a shield icon to confirm their status, showing other users that they are connecting with a legitimate individual.

“Managing and verifying identity with Onfido brings the trust and confidence you would expect from an  in-person connection, to the virtual dating world,” said Harvinder Singh, GM APAC of Onfido. “As Jeevansathi scales quickly, we’re excited to provide users of the platform with a consistent, secure onboarding experience, all powered by AI and biometric technology.”

Onfido appoints new directors

Onfido appoints new directors

Onfido, the global identity verification and authentication provider, today announced the appointment of Sue Barsamian as Director and Bill Losch as Audit Chair to its board of directors. Barsamian and Losch bring over 30 years of experience to the company’s executive team, with expertise in fast-growth technology companies pioneering identity and security solutions.

A highly accomplished business executive, Barsamian has overseen rapid growth for a range of leading technology companies, including at the helm of Hewlett-Packard Enterprise’s 2000-person software sales and marketing team. She currently sits on the boards of three public companies: Five9, Box and NortonLifeLock. Barsamian’s track record of building and mentoring teams extends to former board roles at security company Symantec, data company Segment, and identity management platform, Auth0. Her appointment brings a wealth of expertise to Onfido as the company fulfills global demand for secure, seamless access to digital services.

Commenting on her new position, Sue Barsamian said, “Identity theft losses increased 42% in 2020 reaching $712 billion, making digital identity verification critical for enterprises. Whether you’re in financial services, retail or healthcare, verifying that an online user is legitimate and present defines customer trust and determines if you’re a leader or laggard in the digital economy. Onfido helps billion-dollar businesses enable digital access, without compromising on security or experience and I’m looking forward to supporting them scale their solutions globally.”

Bill Losch is an industry veteran who has spent almost a decade as Chief Financial Officer of Okta, a leading identity and access management company and Onfido partner. His leadership as CFO helped Okta to scale quickly from a disruptive start-up to a publicly traded technology firm which has grown to a forecasted $1 billion plus in revenue and 13,000 global customers. Losch’s previous experience at hyperscale technology companies Yahoo!, DreamWorks Animation and Druva, makes him the perfect fit for Onfido as it prepares to embark on the next phase of its growth.

“Digital identities, and how we secure them, will be the key innovation of the next decade. Onfido is building an impressive roster of solutions that is unmatched by its competitors,” Losch commented on his decision to join Onfido. “There are many partners and customers who are excited about Onfido’s trajectory as it sets the course for better identity proofing and management in an increasingly virtual world. I’m thrilled to be working closely with its leadership team as the company continues to innovate and grow.”

Mike Tuchen, Chief Executive Officer of Onfido said, “Sue and Bill are two exceptional industry leaders with specialized experience in accelerating companies into hypergrowth, which will be vital as we embark on the next stage of our expansion journey. Robust identity verification has huge untapped potential as the digital economy expands — unlocking greater global opportunities, whether through financial inclusion, accessibility or fraud prevention. I’m thrilled to have an opportunity to work with Sue and Bill.  With our enhanced leadership team, we’re in a strong position to make accessing the digital economy a safe and smooth experience for everyone.”

The appointment of Sue Barsamian and Bill Losch to the board of directors follows significant financial momentum for Onfido. The company recently announced another record-breaking quarter in Q3, with a 93% increase year-to-October in global revenue and 100% growth in annually recurring revenue. Onfido also announced the acquisition of British biometric innovator, EYN, whose industry-first acoustic liveness technology will be incorporated into Onfido’s Real Identity Platform.

Onfido acquires EYN

Onfido acquires EYN

 Onfido, the global identity verification and authentication provider, today announced another record-breaking quarter, with a 93% increase year-to-date (YTD) in global revenue and 100% growth in annually recurring revenue (ARR). The company also announced its acquisition of biometric innovator, EYN whose industry-first acoustic liveness technology will be incorporated into Onfido’s Real Identity Platform with its employees joining Onfido’s research and biometrics teams.

This strong momentum was driven by continued growth in U.S. and APAC regions and increased demand by financial services and mobility companies looking to scale up their remote customer onboarding. Onfido also strengthened its leadership team during Q3 with two strategic hires including Faisal Chughtai who joins as Chief Financial Officer (former CFO of Inxeption and Executive Director at JPMorgan Chase) and Nello Franco as Chief Customer Officer (former Managing Director of Customer Operations at Vista Consulting Group and SVP Customer Success at Talend).

“We’re excited to announce another record quarter powered by strong U.S. and APAC growth, as businesses emerging from COVID-19 realize the benefits of digital-by-default customer acquisition strategies,” said Mike Tuchen, CEO of Onfido. “As we continue to increase our investment in research and development to fill out our arsenal of tools to fight fraud, we’re pleased to welcome the EYN team to the Onfido family. By combining their LiveProof anti-spoofing technology with our existing image-based liveness detection, we’ll be able to offer a liveness product that is unmatched in the industry. ”

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a 60% increase in consumers accessing online services, from banks to insurance companies and retail. More consumers online have led to more cybercriminals attempting to set up fake accounts by impersonating legitimate customers. Liveness detection technology from Onfido and EYN aims to stamp this out by ensuring document and biometric checks are submitted live and that photos or deepfakes cannot be used to spoof legitimate users.

“We’re thrilled to join Onfido to help shape the future of online identity verification and allow more people to gain access to the vital services they need,” said Dr. Sheikh Faridul Hasan. “We share the same philosophy as Onfido: building trust and security at onboarding and throughout the customer journey doesn’t mean that companies need to compromise on user experience or fraud detection.”

EYN’s industry-first anti-spoofing technology uses audible sound and ultrasound wavelengths from a mobile device to actively probe for the presence of a live person, much like a sonar system. Its patented LiveProof technology will be incorporated into Onfido’s Real Identity Platform, strengthening existing image-based biometric anti-spoofing capabilities to give customers greater assurances that their remotely onboarded users are who they say they are.

“As we move to our next phase of growth, I’m also excited to welcome two US-based industry veterans to our executive team. Faisal brings 20+ years’ experience as a CFO, GM and Investment Banker for internet and software companies, growing businesses at scale, and deep experience with IPO, financing and M&A strategies. Nello,  joining as CCO, has advised Vista’s $70B enterprise portfolio companies, and transformed public companies into customer-first organizations. His role at Onfido will drive cross-functional initiatives across the company to ensure our marketing, sales, and customer-facing teams communicate, sell, and deliver the value that we promise to our customers.”

INTERPOL and Onfido provide training for airport officers in digital identity fraud

INTERPOL and Onfido provide training for airport officers in digital identity fraud

Onfido, a global identity verification and authentication provider, together with INTERPOL, the world’s largest police organisation, delivered training to U.S. border control and immigration officers in the latest document examination techniques to help enhance border security checks.

As part of the training, instructors from Onfido and INTERPOL’s Counterfeit Currency and Security Documents (CCSD) unit delivered a three-day, virtual document security examination training course to officers from New York’s JFK and Newark International airports.

Course participants were trained on the latest security features embedded in official government identity documents and provided practical exercises for identifying fraudulent documents including counterfeits, forgeries and fraudulently obtained documents.

The use of INTERPOL global policing capabilities was also high on the agenda, including:

  • Its Stolen and Lost Travel Documents database, which holds some 100 million records on a range of documents such as passports, identity cards and visa stamps
  • Edison (Electronic Documentation and Information System on Investigation Networks), which provides examples of genuine travel documents, in order to help identify fakes
  • The Digital INTERPOL Alert Library – Document (Dial-Doc), which allows countries to issue global alerts based on newly detected forms of document counterfeiting

Onfido is a longstanding partner of INTERPOL, providing training courses to police, border and immigration officials across the world. In 2019, Onfido provided a 3-day training course to government officials from Southeast Asia to help them better detect fraudulent identity documents. More recently, Onfido and INTERPOL hosted a joint webinar on July 29th to advise attendees on the latest fraud trends and detection methods for border officers.

“I was honored to welcome the 30 Customs and Border Protection officers from the New York and New Jersey areas to this vital three-day training event,” said the Director of INTERPOL’s National Central Bureau (USNCB) in Washington DC. “This rigorous and critical training is the result of a successful collaboration between the USNCB, Customers and Border Protection and INTERPOL that will enhance the ability of border officers to recognize counterfeit security and travel documents.”

Michael Van Gestel, Onfido’s Global Head of Fraud, emphasised the importance of the continued partnership with INTERPOL: “Following the success of the training in 2019, we continue our partnership with INTERPOL to share further training on the latest developments in the field of document authenticity verification. This year, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we moved from a physical to an online training format. However, this only highlights the same shift that criminals have experienced over the last year or so. Never before has there been such a focus on online attack vectors, and as criminals continue to innovate, this underscores the importance of unifying our knowledge of both 3D and 2D identity document authentication and to share this unique knowledge in training courses such as this one.”

CCSD Coordinator, Daniela Djidrovska said: “Document verification is crucial to ensure that documents are both genuine and belong to the rightful holder. While the examination of identity documents is increasingly being taken over by artificial intelligence, travel documents are designed to be verified by trained personnel using sophisticated forensic document equipment. This joint CCSD-Onfido virtual training provided a vital opportunity to review best practices in the face of the continuous evolution of ID document fraud.”