Aware to Showcase Digital Identity Solutions and Leadership at Identity Week London 2021

Aware to Showcase Digital Identity Solutions and Leadership at Identity Week London 2021

Aware, a leading global provider of biometrics software products, solutions and services, will be showcasing its digital identity expertise in multiple sessions at this year’s Identity Week London 2021 conference, taking place from September 22-23 in London, England. With a focus on digital identity and advanced authentication technologies, Identity Week London is an ideal event for Aware to spotlight its strong biometric knowledge, and solutions for passwordless authentication and identity ownership.

As more federal governments and organizations adopt digital identity services, biometric solutions will play a vital role in that ongoing transformation. In one of the event’s presentations, “Digital Identity Guidelines—An Introduction to NIST SP 800-63” (September 22 at 10:20am local time (5:20am EST)), Rob Mungovan, chief commercial officer at Aware, will discuss the requirements outlined in this NIST special publication, and the most important takeaways for digital identity adoption.

Additionally, Rob Mungovan will also be moderating a roundtable discussion, “The Adoption of Remote Identity Proofing Around the World” (September 23 at 12:30pm local time (7:30am EST)). In this session, Rob will discuss with fellow panelists the adoption trends of remote onboarding and identity proofing around the world, and why some regions are adopting this technology more quickly than others.

“We are very excited to be back in person and play a significant role at Identity Week London 2021,” said chief commercial officer, Rob Mungovan. “This conference has always been closely aligned with Aware’s goal of providing strong, cutting-edge digital identity and authentication solutions, and I am looking forward to discussing the latest digital identity guidelines and worldwide adoption trends with fellow attendees.”

In addition to these sessions, Aware will also be showcasing its many biometric and digital identity solutions at Identity Week London, such as Knomi, it’s mobile biometric authentication framework. Knomi combines the power of face and speaker recognition to provide a strong, secure and frictionless passwordless authentication solution for a wide variety of applicable use cases. Aware will also highlight its other industry leading biometric offerings, from AwareABIS—a modular Automated Biometric Identification System for small to large law enforcement communities—to BioSP, Aware’s market-leading biometric transaction workflow and connectivity platform.

Zero trust, post COVID-19 travel take centre stage at Identity Week

Zero trust, post COVID-19 travel take centre stage at Identity Week

Taking an identity-centred approach to security has never been more important, attendees heard at Identity Week 2021.

Nick Godfrey, Head of CISO Office, Google Cloud explained how after a hack attack on the search engine giant called Operation Aurora, it had implemented a “zero trust” initative that involved a complex interlinking network of identity authentication steps.

Godfrey explain that concepts of zero trust – which are founded in the user’s identity – will be critical as the world emerges from the pandemic, while noting that there had been a 400% rise in cyberattacks since April 2020.

He explained how a nuanced, user-based approach sees non-intrusive methods authenticate across the tech firm’s various domains, and that this establishes a potential model for identity-centred user security.

Rigorous travel requirements demanded by COVID-19 controls, contrasted with the need to get the global economy back moving present a challenge to the border control sector that it must meet, attendees also heard at the event.

“We need a swift, safe and secure return to international travel,” Cyril Gout, Director Operational Support and Analysis Directorate, Interpol, told the audience.

In the session, Identity: building one safe and easy way for the public to access all government services, Natalie Jones, Director, Digital Identity, Government Digital Service, then gave insights into how digital services were set to revolutionise UK citizens’ interactions with government.

In a fascinating session on inclusion in the identity industry, Elinor Hull, WiD Member, Post Office
and Louise Maynard-Atem, WiD research lead, Women in Identity, discussed how inclusion is vital in product design.

The hugely successful in-person event was welcomed by the hundreds of attendees there as a very welcome return to reality after the months of the pandemic.

Identity Week 2021 to focus on ID verticals

Identity Week 2021 to focus on ID verticals

Prominent governmental speakers and senior industry identity experts are set to give attendees at the upcoming Identity Week 2021 an unprecedented level of insight into the post-COVID digital identity landscape.

The industry-leading event’s return to an in-person conference at the ExCeL Centre on 22-23 September will feature some of the greatest minds in the identity space live, and they’ll be sharing their vision for the future of identification, verification and authentication.

“Identity Week 2021 is just around the corner, and we are going to be back with a bang,” lead conference organiser, M Hassan, told “We are exploring the trends in document fraud, the developments in Mobile ID as well as assessing and reflecting on document security innovations”.

Identity in the verticals

For the first time, the event will look at the ID space from the perspective of verticals such as Health, Retail and Travel, added M Hassan.

“ID in Health will look at verifiable health credentials, ID in Retail will explore the use of digital identity in ecommerce to prevent fraud, and ID in Travel will delve into the role of biometrics and contactless technologies in opening up travel while efficiently inhibiting international criminal activity.”

Enterprise identity

Identity and Access Management will also be a key theme, with a focus on the value of Zero Trust Frameworks as well as artificial intelligence. Digital onboarding will be explored from the perspective of both customers and citizens. We’ll also look into the future potential for decentralised identity in enabling a safer way to managing use of personal digital identities.

Keynotes include Nick Godfrey, Head of CISO Office, Google Cloud, and Rod Boothby, Global Head of Identity, Santander.

Sessions such as “Inclusion in the ID Ecosystem: Who needs help and how?”, will feature Jim Purves, Head of Identity Solutions, Post Office and Nick Mothershaw, CEO, Open Identity Exchange.

Meanwhile, a panel on “Leveraging Digital identity as the key to digital transformation within financial services,” will feature Shiv Aggarwal, European Lead, Global Blockchain Association”.

For more information on attending, see here.