Cognitec joins SALTO Group

Cognitec joins SALTO Group

With Cognitec Systems joining the SALTO Group, the face recognition company  will strengthen research, development and market reach for its established product portfolio while working  with SALTO on new technologies for expanding biometric markets. 

SALTO strategically selected Cognitec to meet market requests for adding face recognition and artificial  intelligence technologies to the company’s renowned electronic access control and ticketing solutions. In  addition, both companies appreciate a similar innovative work environment and corporate culture.  

“Working with Cognitec gives SALTO the opportunity to integrate emerging biometric and AI technologies  into our Group products and platforms to create new solutions and services that benefit all of our clients,”  said SALTO’s Chief Technology and Innovation Officer Marc Handels. 

Cognitec with its established brands will continue focusing on all business relations with its government  and commercial clients worldwide through offering the company’s reputable face recognition solutions and  customer support. The current office locations and experienced teams remain in Germany, the United  States, and Australia. 

Cognitec CEO Alfredo Herrera emphasized the importance of a partnership that brings advantages to both  companies, and to all existing and future customers. “Becoming part of the SALTO Group allows us to  extend our capabilities, market reach and business connections,” said Herrera. “Since our founding,  Cognitec has been the only company worldwide that has worked exclusively on face recognition  technologies. SALTO brings an equally focused and excellence-driven corporate history to this alliance. We  are ready to reap the mutual benefits of joining our innovative drive and long-standing expertise.” 

NIST test rates Cognitec’s face recognition algorithm highly

 Algorithm development at Cognitec continues to engineer the  optimal balance between speed and accuracy of face matching processes.  

The latest results of the U.S. NIST Face Recognition Vendor Test for identification tasks show the  Cognitec algorithm in the best position of all algorithms when relating the template generation  time to the false negative identification rate (miss rate) for mugshot databases. 

The identification test addresses the largest market for face recognition applications, including  detection of duplicates in image databases, and fraud detection during passport and driver’s  license applications. These tests apply a very high matching threshold, where only 0.3 % (3/1000)  of probes without a mate in the gallery produce a false hit—one of the most difficult face  recognition tasks.  

“We are proud to also see significant accuracy advances in comparison to the algorithm we  submitted to the last test in early 2021,” says Dr. Thorsten Thies, Director of Algorithm  Development. “For the test with 12 Million mugshot images, Cognitec achieved rank 24 of 165  algorithms with a match rate of 98.5 %. In the test with 1.6 Million mugshots, with a 99.4 % match  rate, we ranked 26 of 299 algorithms. These results show remarkable performance consistency, regardless of database size.” 

The September 2021 test evaluates matching algorithms from 85 vendors. Cognitec submitted a  new algorithm with a revised face finder, called cognitec-005 in the report. 

Cognitec wins Germany EES contract

Cognitec wins Germany EES contract

Cognitec Systems will capture biometric facial images of all relevant travellers from third countries as part of the European Entry/Exit System (EES). Cognitec was awarded the contract for the delivery of the capturing devices in Germany.

Cognitec’s technology will be installed at border check points in all international airports and seaports in Germany. The contract initially spans four years and includes the delivery of more than 1700 FaceVACS-Entry CS devices, followed by installation and maintenance.

“We feel proud and excited to be working with the German authorities on this major project,” says Managing Director Alfredo Herrera: “In the past 20 years, Cognitec has contributed many pioneering products to automate airport and border control processes. This profound technical expertise, combined with our experience in working on government projects, will serve well to ready Germany’s borders for the EU entry/exit system.”

FaceVACS-Entry CS offers highly innovative features to quickly capture standards-compliant portrait images: instant camera positioning according to body height, active lighting, and interactive user guidance. In addition, its light-weight, slim design and flexible mounting methods enable installations on Germany’s varied border check booths.

The solution extends the presence of Cognitec solutions at border check points in German airports. Millions of travelers have used the company’s technology to verify their identity during self-service border control procedures in eGates.

Company Spotlight: Cognitec Systems

Company Spotlight: Cognitec Systems

Company spotlights have been created to give firms operating in the biometrics and identity industry an opportunity to discuss trends, product innovations and achievements.

These interviews also offer readers insight into a company’s outlook, history and future directions.

Tell us about recent developments at Cognitec that are highlighting the company’s strengths?

In the beginning of this year, we were able to release our complete product line with an outstanding new face matching algorithm, recently acclaimed by NIST for market-leading speed and accuracy. For this algorithm, Cognitec was proud to report remarkable leaderboard positions in the NIST Ongoing Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) 1:1, ahead of all face recognition companies with well-established market presence and products.Last week, Frost & Sullivan honoured our commitment to leading-edge product development and trustworthy client relationships with the 2019 Global Facial Recognition Customer Value Award.

How does Cognitec fit into the global face recognition ecosystem?

In the last five years, we have witnessed the rapid expansion of face recognition technologies and their use cases. Competition is fierce, with new vendors and ideas coming to market each week, and certain vendors receiving inordinate funding from their governments to drive research and development. Recent NIST tests have shown an unprecedented density of high-performing matching algorithms, and deep learning techniques will quickly add more players to the leaderboard. Established vendors, such as Cognitec, must uphold the algorithmic expertise and performance expectations.

But in addition to technical excellence, we offer longstanding experience and dependability, and truly collaborate with our partners on best practices within a customized project design.What do you see as most important drivers and detractors for the face recognition industry over the coming year?Popular face recognition applications have convinced the public that the technology can provide convenience and speed when needing to establish your identity.

Phones are unlocking at a glance, travellers can cross borders via self-service eGates, and soon you can complete the whole airport journey by looking at cameras along the way. Your face is opening doors, quickly and securely. Users will demand more implementations for fast access to devices and places, and vendors are going to realize even more tasks and processes with the power of biometrics.

While usage spreads, the privacy debate continues loud and clear. Law suits are trying to unravel the confusions around data consent and ownership. And new laws, even the GDPR, are not giving enough explicit guidance to technology providers and users. Each week reveals more instances of face recognition technologies misused, or used without transparency. Such questionable practices fuel the general fear of losing the right to privacy and other basic human rights. Finding the right use cases, where the consent is given in person and in a general sense, will ensure a healthy future of biometric technologies.

Privacy vs. convenience and security – let’s find the right match!

Can you tell us something unique about your firm?

Cognitec is the only company worldwide that has worked exclusively on face recognition technology since its inception in 2002. The company was never sold, acquired or merged, but has grown at a steady, responsible pace. As the industry landscape is changing quickly, the company is proud to maintain a stable, market-leading position within the industry, and to uphold the trust it has gained as the reliable, most experienced provider of face recognition technologies for enterprise and government customers worldwide.