Switzerland's OneVisage has launched a product called SelfiLogin that uses a smartphone's existing camera to map a 3d image of users' faces for authentication.The Lausanne-based firm says that its 3D face modelling technology captures tens of thousands of points and texture information data (including freckles, beauty sports and so on) on the face, so it can always distinguish individuals, even twin brothers or sisters.”Discussions are well advanced with a future client. A contract should be signed in April, ” Christophe Remillet, Chief Technology Officer, OneVisage, told Le Temps this week.OneVisage says its patented technology works in heterogeneous environments and conditions ߪ opening up use cases applicable to financial services, health services, e-commerce, telecommunications and e-government.Remillet said in February: “We recognize the growing concern regarding identity theft issues and consumer data privacy. Today, there isn't a single week in the news where a company hasn't been victim of criminals grabbing thousands or millions of user credentials. Our breakthrough technology on consumer smartphones or tablets is disruptive and unique, providing stronger security, better usability and data privacy.”