STMicroelectronics has entered into an agreement with Entrust Datacard to participate in its Card Validation Programme (CVP).This program will allow ST to validate the compatibility of its STPay EMV smart-card solutions with Datacard personalisation solutions prior to full implementation. ST says is participating in the CVP program to make it faster and simpler for customers to deploy the Company's comprehensive STPay family of smart-card chips."We are very pleased to be partnering with Entrust Datacard, as they are a known leader in the industry," said Marie-France Florentin, General Manager, Secure Microcontroller Division, STMicroelectronics. "The CVP program ensures that our chips are validated and work well with Datacard solutions, while it also gives our customers peace of mind when they know that their investment is tested and proven before production of their end-customers' cards begins.""We are excited to be working with ST," said Jeff Davison, vice president of global solutions and professional services for Entrust Datacard. "Given the complexity and secure design of smart cards, it's imperative that card manufacturers and suppliers ensure that their cards are working with personalization systems on the market today and the CVP program provides that verification."With the transition to smart-card technology, Entrust Datacard wanted to provide a service to its customers to help with mass-roll out of their card programs. They launched the CVP program to the market in 2014 to help their customers validate and test smart-card chips.