Fingerprint sensing technology firm Sonavation has launched a FIDO-ready ultrasound biometric authenticator system-in-package module that is designed to deliver identity security with integration into mobile and IoT devices.Called SonicTouch, the package has a Match-In-Sensor architecturally flexible design, and incorporates the Sonavation 3D ultrasound sensor.The firm says SonicTouch is the industry's first full-stack solution with the highest level end-to-end encryption architecture that provides a fully encapsulated locked-down module.Combined with upgradable anti-spoofing and Level 3+ matching systems, the secure transaction platforms can be deployed by mobile and IoT device manufacturers, mobile network operators and application developers.The firm noted that SonicTouch was purposefully designed to eliminate the need to etch out or cut into the protective display glass, thus keeping the full strength of the glass intact. For device manufacturers, this is a critical element to reducing device costs while providing a positive end-user experience.Karl Weintz, Sonavation chief executive officer, said: “The digital and connected world is at our doorstep and is already beginning to touch every aspect of life. This makes biometric security a critical component and evolving authority that demands our attention. The ultra-thin SonicTouch is the comprehensive advancement that will enable the most secure authentication solution for manufacturers. Those looking to deliver secure solutions with a protected touch sensor or touch-under-cover sensor can now guarantee biometrics are easily integrated and convenient to provide a great user experience with cutting-edge authentication options.”Dr Rainer Schmitt, Sonavation chief technology officer and distinguished innovative leader in ultrasound technologies, added: “The high frequency ultrasound technology deployed in SonicTouch provides high resolution imaging utilising acoustic impediography. The difference of acoustic properties in the fingerprint structure of ridges and valleys is at least two orders of magnitude higher than those of optical and capacitive fingerprint imaging methods. This makes acoustic impediography simple and robust, while providing the means for through glass fingerprinting.”Sonavation says it's currently working with three “global tier one” device manufacturers to integrate it into future hardware.