Encinitas Union School in San Diego is set to launch a facial recognition project that will help children log in to their iPads using biometrics.The EUSD board's has approved a $63,000 contract with a biometrics firm in Salt Lake City called Virtual Keyring, reported the Encinitas Advocate.Virtual Keyring will now develop a solution that will involve students use facial recognition to authenticate on their school-issued iPads rather than only keyed-in passwords.EUSD Superintendent Tim Baird told the newspaper that it would help the issue of forgotten passwords.”One of the things we hear frequently from teachers is that there's a lot of instructional time lost with kids having to go through the process of actually logging into their various digital tools,” Baird said.The Virtual Keyring solution works by taking several pictures and comparing those with an encrypted image on file. The software continuously monitors to make sure it's the same person and automatically logs out if authentication fails.Baird underlined that the students' images couldn't be stored or shared. Pictures would be encrypted as algorithms, so they couldn't be retrieved as images. Photo: Lotte Ch