Voice biometric payment solutions provider SayPay Technologies and identity verification firm VoiceVault have announced plans to partner on online and mobile payment solutions.The integration will see SayPay's solution integrated into VoiceVault's ViGo product, which quickly enables voice authentication into new and existing apps.”Banks and Credit Unions need to improve user experience to remain competitive, and security in card-not-present environments remains a key concern,” said Steve Hoffman, CEO of SayPay. “With SayPay, customers simply speak a unique, one-time use 'SayPay code' which provides a secure and low-friction customer experience for each transaction.”VoiceVault provides the algorithms that analyze the unique characteristics of a user's voice, including three-dimensional modeling of their vocal and nasal tract as well as the uniqueness of the user's co-articulation between digits. VoiceVault algorithms use SayPay's one-time use token to spot repeat or manipulated audio segments from prior sessions. This enhanced protection eliminates the threat of replay and man-in-the-middle attacks.”VoiceVault has millions of production users in over 40 countries, and our multi-lingual technology has secured billions of dollars in wire and ACH payments,” said Julia Webb, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for VoiceVault. “SayPay uses the same VoiceVault biometric API that financial services, telcos and healthcare providers have deployed globally. We are excited to see innovative solutions like SayPay that advance the power and convenience of VoiceVault technology.”