Saudi Arabian inventor Rafat Madani has secured a US patent for a TV remote control that uses fingerprint authentication for parental controls and other features.The 'My Remote' device developed by Madani is a fingerprint activated remote control device that allows parents to manage viewing content, restrict children's viewing time and keeps them at a safe distance from the TV screen.The former primary school teacher and art and design lecturer from Macca, in Saudi Arabia, is being sponsored by his former Saudi university to complete his PhD in Product Design and Manufacturing.Earlier this week, patents filed by Apple demonstrated the use of a remote control featuring a fingerprint sensor that could be used on its Apple TV device.The patents describe a method in which a remote with a Touch ID sensor sends fingerprint data to a device – such as an Apple TV – and configures it based on the profile associated with the information.This could either authenticate a user for age-appropriate content, or personalise the channel list available. Presumably it could also be used for iTunes purchases such as movies and music. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) published the three Apple patent applications on Thursday, July 23.