Fingerprint healthcare security firm Rx Safes has entered a licensing agreement with Talon Brands, a manufacturer and seller of fingerprint products, for the rights to sell various fingerprint technology products in North America.Under the terms of agreement, Talon Brands may continue to sell certain types of biometric locking products in North America and will pay Rx Safes a per unit licensing fee. Talon Brands will also become a preferred distributor of other Rx Safes' products and introduce Rx Safes products through its existing and established distribution channels, such as Grainger and The Home Depot.Meanwhile, Rx Safes will also offer its patented fingerprint technology interface and expertise to assist Talon in developing new and innovative fingerprint products, which will be added to the licensing agreement.”The execution of this agreement recognizes and validates the company's intellectual property and expands our reach beyond our primary healthcare target market. We anticipate that we will continue to be able to support and protect our proprietary patented technology as the demand for biometrics increases across a wide range of industries. We look forward to recognizing the addition to our revenue stream as a result of this agreement and remain focused on creating additional opportunities for the company in order to increase shareholder value,” commented Lorraine M. Yarde, Chief Executive Officer of Rx Safes.Glenn McGinnis, CEO of Talon Brands, stated, “We appreciate the opportunity to be able to swiftly license Rx Safes' technology so as not to disrupt our business. Furthermore, Rx Safes' experience with fingerprint technology and presence in the market will create additional opportunities for the development and marketing of new products to enhance security in a variety of consumer and commercial applications”