Semiconductor firm Osram has revealed that its Oslux SFH 4780S infrared LED features in an iris-recognition enabled smartphone being launched by Fujitsu in Japan.The smartphone, which has been launched by Japanese telecommunications company NTT DOCOMO, uses the IREDs from Osram as the light source for its iris recognition tool.”We are delighted that once more an innovation from our company has made its way into an everyday application and has set new standards for the entire industry,” said Bodo Ischebeck, Vice President, Infrared Components at Osram Opto Semiconductors.Osram wrote in a statement that its IREDs are the only products capable of the high power needed for iris scanning from a compact package.In terms of dimensions, the IRED is only 2.4 millimeters high and achieves a typical radiant intensity of 2900 milliwatts per steradian. It has a wavelength of 810 nanometers (nm). This enables the iris scanner to identify iris patterns for all eye colors – brown, blue, green and gray – with a high degree of reliability.In May, California-based biometric authentication firm Delta ID has revealed that its ActiveIRIS technology also helps power the iris recognition system of the ARROWS NX F-04G smartphone.NTT DOCOMO also plans to use iris recognition technology to authenticate mobile payments, and enable access to a range of online services.