Calgary-based NovaTeqni has signed a deal with Malawi's tobacco farming industry body to develop, supply and maintain an advanced biometrics-enabled card system.The Farmers Registration and Administration System will involve farmers being issued with secure contactless smart cards containing biometrics data to allow instant identification.NovaTeqni has previously launched biometrics-based products, focused on voter registration and validation, as well as electoral voters rolls and “Know you Customer” projects.The system will include biometrics, fixed offices, satellite communications, cloud based computing, and mobile biometrics systems, according to the company.Novateqni's President Gerhard Mynhardt stated “This will be an excellent opportunity to demonstrate how we use advanced technology to provide improved functionality for stakeholders in an essential industry. The use of reliable and robust biometrics is a key requirement for this application, and the accounting capabilities within the system not only benefit government and business, but should have a positive impact for the farmer”.