Authentication specialist firm Nok Nok has integrated its S3 Authentication Suite with the recently unveiled Google Android M Developer Preview, and password manager app Dashlane has also revealed its implementation of the tech.Nok Nok, a founding member of the FIDO Alliance, said that when integrated into a mobile app running on Android M, the Nok Nok solution will use the new Android Fingerprint API and the FIDO Universal Authentication Framework (UAF) protocol to authenticate the user to the mobile app.The FIDO Alliance's UAF specification allows users to securely log in or approve transactions in a mobile app using biometric sensors on their local device, like a fingerprint sensor, instead of a password, reducing reliance on insecure credentials and simplifying mobile payments and online shopping.”This announcement is another example of how we are showing the market that no matter what device or operating system, you can use Nok Nok Labs to integrate once and authenticate everywhere,” said Phillip Dunkelberger, President and CEO, Nok Nok Labs.”When new devices integrate fingerprint sensors with this latest Google release, our customers will instantly be able to leverage those devices to enable cost-effective, easy to use, secure, and scalable online authentication.”Dashlane wrote in a statement on the company's blog hat users can use both the “Fingerprint” and “Confirm credentials” APIs present in the new operating system to access the Dashlane app.The firm says that the new feature provides both the convenience of biometric authorization with the security of a strong password framework, meaning our users get the best of both worlds.CEO, Emmanuel Schalit, said: “Dashlane's integration of Android's new API shows that convenience and security don't have to be mutually exclusive. Our usage of fingerprint authentication technology gives consumers a win-win scenario; they get the speed and ease of use they desire, but don't sacrifice their security.”He added: “This is a positive development for both the security and mobile industries. It also brings Dashlane yet another step closer towards becoming a universal identity solution for consumers across all of their devices. We look forward to delivering this great feature in our beautiful new Material Design Android app.”