Canadian firm Nymi, which has developed a wearable biometric wristband using ECG for authentication, has announced the addition of John Haggard to its executive team as CEO.Founder Karl Martin led the recruitment of the new CEO as he transitions to his new role as CTO. Nymi also welcomes Ram Varadarajan, former Senior Vice President of CA Technologies, to its Board of Directors.The company writes in a statement that Haggard's role as CEO will primarily focus on leading Nymi's mandate of delivering a frictionless, passive security experience to the enterprise space.”The addition of John and Ram to our team marks a significant milestone for Nymi,” said Karl Martin, founder of Nymi and CTO. “Our goal is to revolutionise authentication and having the best people in the industry on our team is an important part of bringing that vision to life.”Prior to joining the Nymi team, Haggard worked as the Chief Business Officer at Yubico, helping to deploy its leading two-factor authentication protocol to businesses around the globe. Haggard is also an active member of the FIDO Alliance (Fast IDentity Online).”My career objective has always been to make a measurable, positive contribution to the computing industry, and Nymi is an exciting company that shares this goal,” said Haggard. “Nymi has embarked on an incredible journey that will change security forever. I look forward to bringing Nymi further into the forefront of enterprise solutions for privileged access and secure payments.”