MOSIP Country Conversations, a forum comprised of MOSIP-adopting partners, took place on 13th and 14th March, 2023 which shared key learnings and feedback on MOSIP’s roadmap for the future.

MOSIP builds foundational open-source modular ID platforms helping third countries upscale their national ID systems while often facing a lack of resources to move with the pace of innovation accelerating globally.

The first day saw 5 MOSIP-adopting countries and advisors of the projects present their experiences with MOSIP modular ID platforms, reflecting on the development of their ID systems and giving recommendations for the MOSIP team.

The discussions raised issues to tackle such as internal capacity-building and migrating existing data to the MOSIP’s platform as well as undertaking more pilot projects to test country-specific requirements.

The technical capabilities of MOSIP, Long-Term Support (LTS) 1.2.0, Asymmetric Amoeba, enable integrations with mobile-based authentication, single-sign-on for service delivery, and G2P service delivery management (OpenG2P).

Day 2 started by introducing the Modular Open Source Identity Platform and use cases it delivers for equitable service delivery and inclusion including facilitating authentication and KYC processes, partner management, and mobile ID.

MOSIP Country Conversations 2023 concluded with a live showcase of the platform’s core functions and integrations at MOSIP Experience Centre in the International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore.