Multi-national biometrics giant Morpho has won a product award for a contactless access solution using fingerprint recognition that the company says is designed for fast throughput and improved security.Known as MorphoWave, the solution captures and matches four fingerprints with a single wave of the hand, meaning users can be authenticated on the move. It won the Best New Product Award at at ISC West in the event's SIA New Product Showcase.”MorphoWave is ideally suited for secure access control in all high traffic environments,” said Celeste Thomasson, President and CEO of MorphoTrak.”Morpho's fingerprint identification algorithms, deemed most accurate in a recent NIST evaluation, combined with our touchless technology, make the world safer – and a little easier to navigate.”Morpho says a benefit of the contactless tech is that it can read wet and dry fingerprints without difficulty, and the surface remains clean through repeated scans.The technology was designed with all key interfaces to enable easier integration into existing access control and time and attendance systems.Indeed, it has a color touchscreen, located above the sensor, which can be programmed for time and attendance features, text and video messaging, customized graphics, and administrative functions.