Jamaican officials have revealed that the country will install a National Identification System that uses biometrics by 2020.Permanent secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister, Onika Miller, confirmed in parliament that a framework for the system will be ready this year.”We have sketched out a roadmap to 2020, indicating what are the different components, so we are actually further ahead now, with clear specifics,” Miller said, reported the Jamaica Observer.Allison McLean, a director in the Office of the Prime Minister, said there was a plan to consolidate existing databases such as the taxpayer registration number (TRN) and other current methods of identification.Miller added that biometrics would definitely play a part, although the details were as yet undecided.”Identity theft and cybercrime is an issue that we are paying close attention to. Security is a central part of our planning and there is a considerable amount of vetting that is also part of the reason why biometrics is something that we are looking at very carefully. We haven't taken a decision on which features specifically yet, but biometrics is an important part of the security of the system,” she stated.”