Indicio helps companies build trusted digital ecosystems by implementing decentralised identity and verifiable credentials.

The credentials are used to facilitate peer-to-peer connections between both parties so they can mutually authenticate each other to create a privacy-minding ecosystem.

Together amassing 100 years of experience in decentralised identity, the Indicio team will be presenting their technology enabled by a depth of experience presented through each individual.

Indicio’s CEO, Heather Dahl who we interviewed at Identity Week America 2022 reconnected their unique trade-off between advanced security and privacy for customer satisfaction to the importance of exhibiting at the show. In this ID:60, sweeping through the company’s offerings in just 60 seconds, she answers…

  1. What is Indicio’s mission to advance decentralised identity?
  2. How is the architecture designed with privacy in mind?
  3. Have you partnered with travel, the public sector, healthcare to establish trusted digital ecosystems?