India's Registrar General (RGI) has been told rethink its proposal to issue national identity cards to all citizens above 18 years of age.Last year, the home ministry asked the RGI to develop a database for national identity cards carrying a unique national identity number for each citizen of the country, besides other identification fields.However, a department-related standing committee on home affairs noted last week that plans to link photo identity cards (EPIC) with biometric Aadhaar data could see that card become the identification document for all adult citizens of the country."The committee also understands that linking of Aadhaar numbers with voter I-cards is underway and therefore voter I-cards will also have biometric details. In view of the committee, this arrangement seems sufficient," it added.The parliamentary panel's thumbs-down comes as a blow to the RGI's multipurpose national I-card (MNIC) project, which was envisaged to include 15 parameters on its face as well as readable chip, including the photograph and biometric details of the holder, and will serve as proof of Indian citizenship. The number of Aadhaar ID numbers generated by the Unique Identification Authority of India this week hit some 817 million, out of a planned population of 1.2 billion.