Chempark in Leverkusen, Germany, says that a contactless biometrics solution it has installed there has increased handling capacity and reduced freight costs and lead times.Deplyed by Touchless Biometric Systems, the system uses 3D-Touchless finger scanning technology to scan drivers entering the park. Chempark is one of the largest chemical parks in Europe.TBS says Project GATE is a solution that can manage increasing transport volumes at plant gates, with limited infrastructure capacity and higher demands on security in chemical plants for Chemion, Bayer and LANXESS.The complete solution relies on on three components: the vehicle control system FLOW from star/trac, the 3D biometric technology from TBS and the i-CHEM IDENTEC SOLUTIONS wireless RFID technology.All in all, the system has resulted in over one hour turnaround time saving for the incoming and outgoing plant traffic at each of the three CHEMPARK sites.”The GATE project is very Important for Bayer MaterialScience to increase our competitiveness and reliability” said Mark Rübenstrunk, Bayer MaterialScience.