Netherlands-based biometric ID solutions firm GenKey has released a new version of its biometric matching SDK, FastAFIS.The firm says that the latest version of FastAFIS offers a significant advance in the accuracy of biometric matching.”The accuracy improvement has been measured at 10 to 1000 times lower false acceptance rates (FAR) over the typical range of false rejection rates (FRR) used in practice”, said Gavan Duffy, CTO of GenKey.FastAFIS is used in GenKey's biometric deduplication system (AFIS), which is deployed in many nation-scale election and health programs.”As part of GenKey's growth strategy, we continue to invest in R&D, resulting in world-class biometric technologies”, says Michiel van der Veen, CEO of GenKey. “The performance improvement of our FastAFIS technology and thereby biometric deduplication solution will enable us to further strengthen our position in the Election and Health markets around the world.”