San Antonio-based Fulcrum Biometrics have signed a global distribution agreement with Israel's SMUFS Biometrics enabling the former to sell the SMUFS line of bluetooth and wireless mobile fingerprint scanners.Under the agreement, Fulcrum will sell the SBS line of FIPS 201/PIV Bluetooth and wireless fingerprint compact mobile scanners for iOS, Android and Windows.With rising awareness of security breaches from using traditional username-and-password authentication, businesses and government agencies are turning to fingerprint biometrics as a more secure form of identification, the companies wrote in a statement.Along with this trend comes the need for more portable biometric devices and software that are easy to deploy and use with off-the-shelf smartphones and tablets.”We have seen a lot of interest in our mobileOne docked fingerprint scanners, so it was important to us to find an undocked scanner that would meet our standards and be a great fit with our products and services,” said Ken Nosker, president of Fulcrum Biometrics.”The SBS fingerprint scanners fit the bill perfectly. Fulcrum and SBS both see tremendous growth in the mobile ID space and we have invested a lot of our resources in building secure, fast and easy-to-use biometric solutions for use with smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices,” Nosker added.”We are pleased to have Fulcrum Biometrics as a global distributor of our Bluetooth and wireless fingerprint scanners,” said Oren Epstein, CEO of SMUFS Biometric Solutions.”Our primary focus is on the development of mobile biometric technologies, so we benefit from allowing established distributors like Fulcrum Biometrics to handle the sales and marketing for us. Fulcrum has developed a strong reputation in the industry and will be an excellent partner for us in the global biometrics market.”