Fujitsu has showcased a new biometric payments solution in Tokyo that uses a palm vein reader working in tandem with a template stored securely on a smartphone.The new smartphone-based ID Match solution sees a biometric palm vein template stored in a secured app sent via Bluetooth or other networks to the ID Match reader.If the records match, the PalmVein unit (which can be static) will allow, for example, a door or a personal workstation to be unlocked.”This innovative and brand new development can be imagined to be used in Retail, Banking or Entertainment for payment transactions, physical access control or loyalty card programs”, wrote Fujitsu in a blog post.Last November, Fujitsu launched a palm-vein based biometric authentication solution which can used for cashless payment – PalmSecure ID MatchIn the same month, Planet Biometrics gained an exclusive interview with Thomas Bengs, head of Security Solutions at the firm, to discuss how this solution could shake up the world of biometric-based payments.