France's TSI and Trust Designer have developed an eWallet with an integrated biometric connected device that is based on Natural Security's authentication standards. France) and Trust Designer have developed an eWallet with an integrated biometric connected device.The “SesameTouch” solution is based on Natural Security's strong authentication standard, which combines biometrics with a connected personal device.The eWallet enables users to order products online, pay and identify themselves easily, quickly and securely when they pick up their purchase in the store.TSI previewed its My E-money Purse electronic purse, which works with Trust Designer's SesameTouch biometric connected device, during Paris Retail Week, in September 21-23, 2015.TSI and Trust Designer say their solution is a clear response to e-merchants needs for speed and Web-to-store capability.SesameTouch is a connected personal device that pairs a biometric reader with secure data storage to enable easy, fast, secure strong authentication for all My E-money Purse transactions. It can be used to pay online, to pick up purchases in the store, and for many other services such as storing personal data, logins and passwords.”SesameTouch offers a unique e-commerce experience,” declared JÉrôme Dusautois, CEO of Trust Designer. “Instead of entering a PIN, you can just place your finger on a reader to approve a transaction online and then pick up the purchase from a physical point of sale. Security and simplicity come together to offer a new way of shopping online.””Our strong authentication standard is perfectly suited to new payment methods like e-wallets,” commented CÉdric Hozanne, CEO of Natural Security Alliance.”It clearly reflects the user need for simplicity, for example by eliminating the need to re-enter information, while providing the necessary security by offering a practical solution for users who don't want to save their payment details on e-commerce sites. The strength of our standard lies in the fact that it was designed to meet the needs expressed by users and retailers. From this standpoint, the arrival of an e-wallet on a connected personal device owned by the user will open the door for designing new services that are even simpler and more secure. This unique combination will also serve as a springboard for developing buy online pick up in store applications, and make cross-channel transactions available to a maximum of users.”