Sweden's Fingerprint Cards has revealed that the Chinese smartphone maker Meizu will feature its FPC1155 sensor in its new Pro 5 model.The company notes that expected revenues in 2015 that relate to sales of FPC1155 for this smartphone model are included in FPC's communicated revenue guidance of approximately 2,500 MSEK for 2015.Jörgen Lantto, CEO of FPC, comments: “Meizu is a leading smartphone manufacturer in China and we are proud that Meizu selected FPC1155 for Pro 5, following up on the success of MX5, also embedding FPC1155. FPC1155 supports 360 degree finger rotation capability, fast response time and industry leading 3D image quality”.In a Tweet, Meizu stated that the PRO 5 “has the fastest fingerprint recognition on a Meizu device yet”.