Swedish biometrics firm Fingerprint Cards has announced that its touch fingerprint sensor FPC1025 features in the new Lenovo smartphones X3 and X3 Youth.Lenovo announced their Android smartphones, (Lemon) X3 and (Lemon) X3 Youth, both featuring FPC's touch fingerprint sensor FPC1025. Already received as well as expected revenues in 2015 that relate to sales of FPC1025 for these smartphone models are included in FPC's communicated revenue guidance of 2,750-2,850 MSEK for 2015.Jörgen Lantto, CEO of FPC, comments: “Lenovo is a leading global smartphone manufacturer and we are proud that Lenovo selected FPC1025 for X3 and X3 Youth. FPC1025 supports 360 degree finger rotation capability, fast response time and industry leading 3D image quality”.Precise Biometrics has also confirmed that its product for fingerprint recognition in mobile devices, Precise BioMatch Mobile, has been integrated in two new smartphones from a leading Chinese vendor.”We are pleased that yet another vendor has chosen Precise BioMatch Mobile. High performance fingerprint software is crucial to ensure a good user experience and secure identity verification”, says Håkan Persson, CEO of Precise Biometrics.