ATM manufacturer NCR has launched a new platform featuring integrated biometrics which the firm says will cause “disruptive change” in the ATM ecosystem.While the key selling point of the firm's Kalpana software is its ability as an enterprise software platform to moves ATM software and operations to the cloud, its new NCR Cx110 ATM – also launched this week – hands biometrics a role.The ATM's technology lets customers use a fingerprint reader on the ATM to launch the service rather than using a PIN. It also works with smartphones.The solution's software runs ATMs remotely, initially through a thin-client ATM including an Android operating system, with the aim of eliminating malware and enabling rapid deployment of new devices and ATM servicesRobert Johnston, director of enterprise software at NCR in Dundee, said: “The technology banks and customers use has changed dramatically. It is now up to banks to decide for themselves which particular facilities to offer their customers.”