Swedish biometrics firm Fingerprint Cards has seen shares rise this morning after FPC revealed that it was working with Google on the fingerprint authentication API being released in its new “Android M” platform.”FPC has supported and collaborated with Google from development to integration of the fingerprint sensor capabilities into Android M”, the firm wrote in a statement today.Fingerprint shares have since jumped to a record high and were up 5.1% by 0724 GMT.The firm provided prototype devices using its touch fingerprint sensors FPC1020 and FPC1025 towards the implementation of Android Pay, which is part of the Android M release.J├Ârgen Lantto, President and Chief Executive Officer of FPC, comments: “We are currently seeing a rapid deployment of Android devices incorporating touch fingerprint sensors enabled by FPC's broad portfolio of touch fingerprint sensors. By incorporating fingerprint sensor technology in Android M, Google is taking a major step with a more secure and convenient way for user identity verification.This will spur further innovation by app developers, improve usability of Android devices and accelerate market growth for fingerprint sensors. We are very pleased to have supported Google in their effort to develop and integrate fingerprint sensor capability in Android M. We commend Google for its vision and drive in taking this innovative step in creating an even stronger Android ecosystem.”Lantto told Reuters that he expects Google's new platform to boost the market for Fingerprint touch sensors mainly from 2016, with some impact possible in H2, 2015. He also repeated forecast for revenues to exceed 1.5 billion SEK (US$17.6 m) in FY2015.