Swedish biometrics firm Fingerprint Cards has raised its revenue guidance for this financial year after receiving a 230 Million SEK (US$28 m) order for its FPC1020, FPC1025, FPC1145, FPC1155 and FPC1035 sensors from Asia.The order, which will be delivered from from June until and including Q3 2015, makes order values for 2015 hereby amount to 740 MSEK to date.Because of the rise, FPC has raised its estimated revenues for this year to over 1,500 MSEK – previously this was set at 1,000 MSEK.J├Ârgen Lantto, acting President and Chief Executive Officer of FPC, comments: “This order applies to all touch fingerprint sensors in our product portfolio, and shows that the market is now really taking off, not only in China but also broader amongst Asian OEMs.”With this order we have now received orders and booked revenues amounting to more than 1,000 MSEK in the aggregate up until and including Q3 2015. Based on our leading technology and broad portfolio our assessment is that we will capture a major part of the fast market growth we are now witnessing, and we therefore raise our revenue guidance for 2015 from will exceed 1,000 MSEK to will exceed 1,500 MSEK.”