An international finance player has selected fingerprint matching products developed by BIO-key for a customer and employee identification solution, the biometrics firm revealed on Friday.The as-yet unnamed retail and commercial financial services firm will use BIO-key technology to ID their nearly 7 million clients at any of approximately 7,000 contact points in their branches.”This forward-thinking financial institution was one of the first in the world to leverage fingerprint biometrics to secure their clients' identities against theft and fraud,” said Jim Sullivan, BIO-key VP of Strategy and Business Development.”They were able to demonstrate to their clients the advantages of using fingerprint data — nothing more than a measurement of unique traits that an imposter will not match — to increase their clients' security and offer paperless transactions. When the time came to upgrade their legacy fingerprint engine, we were pleased that their extensive experience with fingerprint technology led them to the conclusion that BIO-key was the right choice for them to count on.”Michael DePasquale, BIO-key chairman and CEO added: “We believe this win puts us in great standing relative to other financial service opportunities we are currently competing for as interest in biometrics continues to grow. Moreover, we believe the broader highly regulated markets, including North America, are starting to embrace fingerprint biometrics as a preferred solution”.