The FIDO (“Fast IDentity Online”) Alliance has released the “FIDO Privacy White Paper,” which describes how privacy has been taken into account in the design of the FIDO protocols, and how they can help meet privacy requirements from certain regulatory authorities.The alliance released the paper to mark Data Privacy Day 2016 on 28 January.”Good privacy is intrinsically dependent on good security. In fact, there is no privacy without security. It's very difficult to keep the personal information you share with an online service private if that information isn't being properly safeguarded,” writes FIDO in a press statement accompanying the release.”Data breaches are the most common way that user privacy is put at risk online, and 95% of web app attacks make use of stolen password credentials. And, passwords are still the most commonly-used form of online authentication”Passwords are human-readable shared secrets, notes authentication standards body, adding that they have many security limitations.Phishing attacks, social engineering and keystroke logging malware are just some of the ways that attackers are able to obtain passwords and use them to access their victims' online accounts.To read the white paper, click below