EU interior ministers are set to meet in Luxembourg on Thursday to discuss progress in a US$1 billion plan to create a biometric border system in the continent that will scan visiting non-EU nationals.The EC presented the package in 2013 but it was temporarily shelved following concerns over projected costs and possible law enforcement access.An EU diplomat told the EUObsersver that the Commission is set to make new smart border proposals before the end of year.”The wider debate on the Schengen external border will also look at how you can use technology better and the commission is bringing forward some proposals on that towards the end of the year on smart borders”, he said.The smart borders project will feature on an agenda that will also look at how to ramp up external border controls and expedite returns of unwanted migrants.In September, Genoa became the first Italian port to be included in the pilot project.In a first phase launched in Genoa, more than 1,600 fingerprints and photographs of arrivals were entered in the European database.