Access security specialist firm Entertech has announced a new release of their BioConnect identity management system, which adds the Suprema BioStation 2, a biometric fingerprint reader to the integration.Entertech Systems says that the upgrade is hoped to advance the firm's impact on the “Bring Your Own Identity” (BYOI) movement.”Our society has built a system on the basis of keys, cards and PINs – approximation technologies for identity verification. The challenge with these tools is that they are not us,” said Rob Douglas, Founder & CEO of Entertech. “The basic idea of BYOI is that with the influx in different types of biometric technologies flooding into the market, in the near future individual employees will decide the biometric type that they will bring into their workplace, whether that be biometric mobile devices, biometric wearable devices, or biometric fingerprint fixed devices. We created BioConnect 5 years ago because we fundamentally believe that the 7 billion of us on the planet no longer wish to use approximations of our identity to prove who we are.”The Suprema BioStation 2 uses TCP/IP protocols to make 1:3,000 matches in one second, and features a color LCD screen and proximity card reader. Its sensor can also read a wet or dry finger.NotesSuprema will be exhibiting at connect:ID 2016, 14-16 March, Washington DC. connect:ID is an international conference and exhibition that focuses on all aspects of identity technologies and the opportunities for their management in both the physical and digital worlds.