Mobile biometric and credential platform firm Credence ID and partner and ADO Technologies have launched a new set of mobile banking solutions and multiple deployments in Columbia and Panama.The new projects for two undisclosed banks address the need to remotely and accurately identify customers prior to setting up new accounts and providing access to credit card services. The combined innovative solution allows banks to onboard and provide services to new customers by bank representatives visiting them at their home or office, reading their national identity credential and confirming their identity using their fingerprint.Components of the solution include the CredenceOne Android-based device (and SDK) in combination with ADO Technologies' ID Management Suite for Banking application. The solution showcases an innovative methodology to biometrically verify the identity of the bank's customer by using the card reading, biometric and communications features of the Credence ID devices.The solution is intended to eliminate the problem of identity theft that has been recognized as a significant issue in the region as related to the delivery of financial services and products to the bank's customers.”We are very pleased to be partnering with ADO and proud to have been selected by two prestigious banks in Columbia and Panama to provide this powerful banking solution. Our compact form factor, integrated card reading, biometric functionality and open Android development SDK is a winning combination for banks that want to offer clients services without the need for them to set foot in the bank itself”, said Bruce Hanson, President and CEO of Credence ID.The Android-based device is designed to quickly read various smart credentials containing securely encrypted biometric and/or biographic data and then verify the subject's identity by matching them with a live scan of their fingerprint.”The unique form factor and well-designed SDK from Credence ID allow ADO to focus on our customer's application. In this case, the banks require a fast, secure and effective solution to address the need to identify clients and enhance their service offerings. This easy to use solution reduces inconvenience for clients of the banks while also making it safer in terms of reducing identity related problems”, said Alon Ofir, CEO of ADO Technologies.