Company spotlights have been created to give firms operating in the biometrics industry an opportunity to discuss trends, product innovations and achievements. These interviews also offer readers insight into a company's outlook, history and future directions.Tell us a bit about your company and how it fits into the biometric and identity ecosystem?Regula was established in 1992. It has seven groups of products in its portfolio:- Quick examination of secure documents.- Detailed/advanced examination of secure documents.- Machine assisted verification of travel documents.- Vehicle and weapon serial number verification.- Information reference systems on secure documents.- Special equipment.- Training on secure documents and their examination.Regula products are linked to biometric and identity systems with machine-assisted verification of travel/identity products, and there are document or passport readers and different solutions based on this product.This technology allows users to scan identity documents, check their authenticity by optical security features, as well as read information and verify authenticity of contactless RFID chips.The technology is widely used in manual border control, automatic border control systems, enrolment stations for issuance of biometric documents.There is growing demand for this type of solution from the commercial sector – whether banks, airlines, car rental companies, insurance firms, mobile operators, gambling and liquor industry where identity documents are checked by people who are not experts in the field of document verification and require quick and reliable analysis.What do you see as most important drivers and detractors for the biometrics industry and your company over the coming year?The world is becoming more open. People are moving from one country to another country. International air travel is estimated at 1.45 billion people, sea travel – at 23 million people. Work migrants are estimated at 85 million people a year.All these people must move smoothly and quickly. But security and safety stays a priority. There are about 4.2 million illegal travellers (terrorists, smugglers, etc) among those people. Therefore governments and authorities are constantly looking for modern technologies which can provide excellent service for legal citizens and stop criminals.For our company, we see constant growth in the demand for technology which can authenticate identity documents quickly and accurately. Though we consider that the final decision still stays with a human (immigration officer or policeman).What are some of the biggest challenges in authenticating documents?Standardisation is the biggest challenge in documents authentication. If we talk about identity documents there are passports, ID cards, visas, driver's licenses, birth and death certificates and many more.The situation with passports is better than with other documents. All passports issued today are machine readable. There are still a small number of hand-written passports in circulation but they will be all out of circulation after November 24, 2015.But documents such as ID cards, driver's licenses and visas are a big challenge. The standards for these documents are not enforced in a similar way as those documents are considered to be internal country documents – countries can decide by themselves and use standards only as a recommendation. In addition, these documents are double-sided and we have had to develop special readers/scanner to process those documents in one step instead of scanning one side and then another side.The manufacturers of security features for identity documents do not collaborate with manufacturers of passport/document readers on how to make those security features machine readable. I think that such collaboration could offer a lot of benefits both for providers of technologies and for end-users.Can you tell us something unique about your firm that not many people would know?Regula is the only company which offers hardware, image processing software and information reference systems on secure documents. Such a combination provides comprehensive solutions for authentication of secure documents.Plus the company has experience in advanced authentication and machine assisted authentication. So we try to incorporate our achievements in advanced authentication into machine assisted authentication and vice versa to make the whole process quicker and more accurate.If you would like your company to be profiled in this section, please contact:The EMEA regionPam Chattin, Sales ManagerTel: +44 (0)1322 663006p.chattin@sciencemediapartners.comRest of the worldJanine Bill – Advertising Sales ManagerTel: +44 (0) 1189