First 50 speakers announced for Identity Week Asia 2023

First 50 speakers announced for Identity Week Asia 2023

Have you seen our distinguished speakers joining Identity Week Asia 2023 in November?

The community is gathering from across Asia regions, bringing to the fore topical issues around the deployment of identity solutions and use cases. Forming our expert panels, productive roundtables and generating meaningful networking, we have just announced our first 50 speakers towards a stellar line-up and content agenda across two comprehensive days.

This year’s event will be taking place in Singapore from 7-8 November to discuss key identity topics affecting the Asia ecosystem for example the Aaahaar identity system, and the replacement of healthcare insurance cards for the “My Number” system.

The conference will join up progressive initiatives and projects, as well as facilitate updates on what key organisations and solution providers are doing to drive digital innovation.

To get our best saving, you must register now to save USD$500 before the offer runs out! Act now to secure your seat in our keynote sessions with recognisable industry leading figures, access a range of top sessions and meet attendees.

Meet professionals from financial services including J.P Morgan, Habib Bank AG Zurich, National Australia Bank and many more!

The latest additions to join include:

🎤 Kulsharest Jain, Senior Solution Architect, Mercedes Benz Singapore🎤 Dipu Kv, President of Head Operations and Customer Service, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company Ltd 🎤 Laura Scoretti, Senior Programme Manager, Border and Migration Management, IOM🎤 Lenka Bradovkova, Government Executive Director, Digital Identity, Service NSW🎤 Mr. Bhaskar Mishra, Civil Registration and Vital Statistics and Legal Identity Specialist, Child Protection,

🎤 Mr Mohamed Elganiny, Document examination expert, GDRFA General Directorate Of Residency And Foreigners Affairs Dubai🎤 Cyrus Bhathawalla, MD, Global Head of Real Time Payments, J.P. Morgan🎤 Ivy Fung, Vice President, Women in Blockchain Asia🎤 Igor Janicijevic, Principal Engineer, Digital Access Foundation, National Australia Bank🎤 Natalie Jones, Natalie Jones – Director of Digital Identity, Government Digital Service

View the full speaker line-up:

Latest expert panel announced – Identity Week America 2023!

Latest expert panel announced – Identity Week America 2023!

Identity Week America is back! A recap of 2022 successes 

At Identity Week HQ, we are turning our attention to our next industry-leading forum for the Americas that will tailor for professionals and relevant identity topics in this specific, vast region of the world.

Our post-event report 2022 encapsulates the positive reactions and valuable networking that took place at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center last year, compiling testimonials from long-standing attendees, speakers and visitors with those of large numbers of new attendees, in particular from financial services and public sector.

We are eagerly preparing and gearing up to a fabulous return in Washington for Identity Week America 2023 and we need your involvement to ensure there are special connections made and valuable partnerships formed for future use cases.

You had your say on the event’s impact:

“This is a great collaborative event bringing industry, academia, and government together”. 

“Identity Week had both great presenters and a great audience. It was a great opportunity to meet and talk with identity influencers and decision makers – especially relating to the US government.”

And the 2022 statistics supported these amazing comments from the industry. 63% of visitors in 2022 were involved in decision-making with a 39% increase on overall attendees from 2019. We welcomed visitors from 60+ countries to provide a well-connected event for 1,733 total attendees.

How to reach us about Identity Week America 2023 

Should you be interested in participating on one of our fantastic panels, presentations or fire-side chats or presenting your company’s milestones, then please contact Molly Taylor-Fagan

The 2023 agenda is filling up fast with over 250 speakers

We will be welcoming over 250 speakers to this year’s event so these are just a few names in a long list yet to be announced…

Register today to join over 3,000 attendees at this year’s conference! The event is happening on October 3-4, 2023 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington DC.

Book now:

Our latest panel of industry leading experts who will be discussing the latest trends and developments in the field of identity access management include:

  • Tim Meyerhoff, Director, IrisID Systems
  • Jeff Reich, Executive Director, Identity Defined Security Alliance
  • Tiffany Bacha, Director – Enterprise Chief Controls Office, The Bank of New York Mellon
  • Grant Dasher, Identity and Access Management, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency

View all speakers here:

Digital government transformation Vs digital-identity function between the GDS and DCMS

Digital government transformation Vs digital-identity function between the GDS and DCMS

Since responsibility for digital identity policy-making passed from the Government Digital Service (GDS) to the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), both UK government departments have had very different remits for boosting digital economy – within government systems and advancing accessibility of identity initiatives. 

The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change’s recent “Great Enabler” report, commented:

“Public services in the UK don’t require reform. They need transformation”.

Natalie Jones OBE spoke at Identity Week Europe 2023 on leading the GDS’ digital transformation, which employs 700 people to build, develop and run the 340 digital systems.

While focusing on reducing costs to taxpayers and streamlining digital services, all operated by different service teams across government, the main priority of the GDS is delivering a unified citizen verification portal called One Login. One Login will significantly transform 200 government departments – with more than 190 ways to set up accounts and 44 sign-in methods – into a federated, single login system which secures citizen data autonomy with the individual, and not the government.

In her keynote speech, Natalie explained the myriad of data models leveraged by the GDS for usability and minding privacy, undertaking a “transformative programme of work” from concept and scoping to full delivery.

Prioritising inclusion is also a cornerstone of the GDS’s role to underpin seamless access to government services with secure architecture, which has uncovered a lack of users with formal ID.

While the digital-identity policy function has shifted to the DCMS, the digital service has played a role in the provision of formal ID like biometric resident permits and driving licenses to login to apps that will migrate verifiable users to access a government service.

In the continuous pipeline, the GDS is currently seeking an infrastructure partner and developing cost efficiency of its services with agility.

Frontex’s update on Entry/Exit System

Frontex’s update on Entry/Exit System

Identity Week Europe brought its best edition yet to the RAI, in Amsterdam, bringing together 3,000 exhibitors, speakers from key organisations and visitors.

The most important event for the identity industry has once again delighted attendees with its biggest audience to date and high praise of thoughtfully organised content, networking opportunities to increase contacts, high quality vendor participation, and regional differences of the most important topics facing

As reviews already come in, one attendee described the Identity Week show as a “rich environment for dialogue” among a “diverse gathering of experts” across “policy, privacy, technical, practical, theoretical and global topics”.

“The best identity event ever attended!” exclaimed one visitor.
“A truly exciting and informative conference!” and “Best event in Europe!”.
“An excellent start to establishing Identity Week in Amsterdam.”

From all our highly credible and knowledgeable speakers, the opening hours across the two-day conference focused on hearing solo presentations from the likes of organisations such as Frontex, the DCMS, EU Parliament and UK Cabinet Office that delivered timelines, updates and revised strategies for implementing the most pressing identity initiatives for 2023-2024.

You could hear a pin drop in the standing-only keynote theatre while Claudio Kavrecic, Frontex revealed the final delivery date for the Entry/Exit system, the extreme humanitarian crisis unfolding with unprecedented numbers of crossings and spoke of the complexity of biometric pilots.

Across 26 member states, many countries are implementing the Entry/Exit system of managing immigration and collecting data from travellers entering the European Union however the UK’s departure in 2016 – quickly dubbed Brexit – has created additional unforeseen challenges of more channel crossings with visa processes being affected.

Burdened by Brexit and crises, an unmanageable humanitarian crisis has emerged for travel organisations. Claudio Kavrecic explained that the eLISA is working hard with the contractor and Commission to find a final date for delivery of the Entry/Exit System however the complexity of this challenge is currently playing out. While being easy to deploy and improving efficiency, biometric kiosks and systems need to be supervised.

He also said there is nothing “more complex than a seaport – airports are far less complex than seaports” to deploy biometric systems that can optimise efficiency.

The process of implementing biometric systems and pilots will be progressive but the complexity around the Entry/Exit programme will affect contracting and require additional training for border guards and physical infrastructure to be prepared to facilitate safe and secure border crossing.

Moving ahead, the Entry/Exit system will be optimised from commission to European level.

In addition, a number of countries, for example, Finland and Croatia are testing the Digital Travel Certificate (DTC) where data will be transferred from the chip of physical passports to mobile phones, sending biometric information matches to border guards prior to travel. When biometric data matches, border guards will be notified.


European Parliament keynote kicked off Identity Week Europe 2023

European Parliament keynote kicked off Identity Week Europe 2023

Kai Zenner, Digital Policy Adviser at the European Parliament kicked off the first day at Identity Week Europe 2023 with an expert address delivered to a packed main keynote theatre.

Kai outlined the first set of rules on the AI Act. After 11 months of negotiations between member states and the EU Parliament, the next stage to implement the AI Act will be to find an agreement on the requirements for technology providers between member states and parliamentarians. 

In the beginning, law enforcement authorities and member states pushed back on prohibitions proposed in the AI Act, and while this has progressed the 

Delivering the first keynote of Identity Week Europe 2024, he set out the first set of rules for the AI Act, expanding on requirements. 

“With a black and white approach, it becomes difficult to navigate”, he said. 

“We cannot exclude positive use cases”, “this shows us what should not be prohibited in the future”. As the AI Act has been accepted, the useful purposes of biometric technology to enhance the quality of police investigations in catching offenders – and sharing biometric data with relevant authorities, such as border control bodies managing immigration – has been recognised as well as the “inherent” level of bias within technologies forgotten as solution providers mitigate bias. 

While careful in their approach to begin with, the Act has been better defined through parliamentary votes to ensure that AI encompasses the potential for “surveillance” or anti-privacy practices with biometric and emerging technologies. Different political camps emerged for and against embracing AI technologies or creating supportive regulation. With a second wave of AI, deep learning and machine learning, the Act is needed to create standards surrounding the use of these technologies – minding privacy and obtaining consent for the collection, storage and exchange of personal AI data. 

With machine regulation and GDPR, lots of legislation existed. 

In his speech, Kai stressed the European Parliament’s next objectives to create AI legislation, including optimising government mechanisms and ensuring that EU level can work effectively with national level to observe rules for AI. 

An issue with passing the regulation concerned overlapping competence and responsibilities with one party giving a statement that the other conflicted, while some considered there is too much legislation and not enough convergence.  


Identity Week Europe 2023 – officially biggest and best edition to date!

Identity Week Europe 2023 – officially biggest and best edition to date!

And just like that, Identity Week Europe 2023 has come to an end for another year, surpassing expectations and achieving record-breaking numbers of visitors and attendees.

We surpassed over 3,000 attendees, over 250 sponsors and exhibitors and 220 speakers!

The first edition of Identity Week at the RAI in Amsterdam has been an immeasurable success – officially bringing together more of the industry’s key players than ever before. Our largest attended event ever was undoubtedly busy and provided thousands of important connections and networking opportunities, which showed in positive testimonials from our speakers, to sponsors and exhibitors.

Key professionals in the identity ecosystem enjoyed a busy, thriving event as promised, fully attended in packed sessions and content theatres.

Exhibitor booths were buzzy, with lots of activity across the 2 days in interactive seminars to our Start-up City; we reached maximum capacity in a new sunny location in Amsterdam which we will be returning to in 2024. Visitors came through the door until right to the end.

Watch out for communications about Identity Week Europe 2024 in Amsterdam, as we already begin preparations for an even better event on 11-12 June 2024.

There are opportunities to exhibit and sponsor at the best possible prices! Please get in touch with the team to hear how your company can fulfil its potential growth with partnerships and networking opportunities that Identity Week has kept at its core for 17 years.



Identity Week Europe: Establishing government frameworks for national identity systems

Identity Week Europe: Establishing government frameworks for national identity systems

One of our thought-led panel sessions will be exploring accessibility, retention and safety for physical national ID systems.

How are national identity systems led by governments governed with suitable frameworks and how does this translate to efficient delivery of physical identity documents for all?

First delving into the policy perspective, Emrys Schoemaker, Senior Research Director at Caribou Digital and advisor on “every day digital transformation”, will share the efforts they are currently invested in to establish frameworks for governments’ public and digital infrastructure, covering privacy aspects and inclusion. 

This will lead into a discussion on how ID initiatives operate “on ground level” with the delivery of ID for all citizens and current focuses on incorporating asylum seekers and refugees into national government ID programmes.

A key question will be: What are the top elements that should be considered when building a governance framework for governments building national ID systems?

With the U.S. not having a national ID card, the question will be asked if individual states govern their own ID systems, legislation or if an interoperable legislation connects states. Carolyn Bayer-Broring who will be speaking on behalf of the U.S. approach to physical ID is a senior forensic document examiner at the U.S DHS Homeland Security Investigations Forensic Lab.

Ronald Belser, Research & development adviser, Ministry of Justice and Security, Netherlands will explain how the Immigra­tion and Naturalisation service is working on providing identity documents for asylum seekers and refugees and gaining their trust from governments.

The panel session will tap into ensuring accessibility to national identity with the ease of application and outreach to citizens and creating an interoperable framework with cross-border capability, especially in nations without a national identity system.

The Netherlands and the U.S. are similarly fighting against fraud in physical identity documents with false information and photographs being provided during the onboarding process to obtain passport documents. Combating fraud in national identity systems is an important aspect while enabling citizens to have an identity without much friction.

Additionally, what would the benefits be of employing a federated system or a decentralised system for identity on the national level?

Identity Week Europe: Hear our ‘Digital Onboarding in Govt Services’ panel!

Identity Week Europe: Hear our ‘Digital Onboarding in Govt Services’ panel!

Want the detailed brief on what our panels will entail at Identity Week Europe 2023?

Our stages are set and the highest calibre of identity industry speakers have travelled in from across Europe to prepare for the event’s opening day, which will be full of impressive technology showcases and advocating presentations for identity applications.

June 13: 11:20
Panel title: Digital Onboarding for Government Services

The scope of this session will cover digital onboarding initiatives from government providers for state-issued ID, discussing in tandem how we ensure we secure citizen data and cross-border compatibility with government data. Physical document security will be covered in another panel. 

The participants in this panel will be discussing how to increase usability and un-complicate the onboarding process with automated physical and online processes.

How can authentication be streamlined across borders?

Gabriel Marquie, Senior Manager of Digital Identity, at IATA is on this panel providing a relevant travel perspective in light of the crossover with government partnership and collaboration for delivering national IDs for travel onboarding. Our speakers will explore how additional advanced international cohesion can be achieved, especially for travel and the overarching eIDAS regulation.

Another important aspect of onboarding to obtain a government ID is inclusion in the digitalised onboarding process as citizens across the world adapt to digital services and applications. In order to increase onboarding participation, the adoption of digital and physical identity itself should drive government agendas, reaching isolated and homogenous populations and ensuring accessible applications.

The European standard eIDAS should have a broader reach and relevance on a global scale – we will look at how government can ensure eIDAS compliance on a worldwide scale, whose responsible it is for privacy – the person or the government – and asking would governments benefit from a decentralised platform for digital onboarding.

Join us for what promises to be the most thought-led industry forum in the calendar for 2023.

Speakers include:

Have you booked one of our FREE press tickets? Because the two week countdown has already begun…

Have you booked one of our FREE press tickets? Because the two week countdown has already begun…

There is no time to delay getting your ticket for this year’s Identity Week Europe 2023, taking place in less than TWO weeks on 13-14 June at the RAI, Amsterdam. 

Get two-day free entry to our conference theatres and exhibition where there will be thousands of identity professionals gathered to share their exciting case studies, pilots, research reports, and deployments. 

Here’s just a preview of exciting announcements and updates at this year’s event:

  • Findings of the 2023 Digital Identity Survey – The EU Digital Identity Wallet (aka eIDAS2.0 Regulation). IdentityWeek in collaboration with SonicBee
  • Government of Barbados: Digital identity for citizens 
  • ICAO Public Key Directory pilot update
  • Renée Ong-De-Jong, Netherlands Ministry of the Interior: delivering a machine readable passport, MRZ and VIZ Standards and Obligations Update for passport security 
  • Hugo Löwinger, Nationale Nederlande: CIAN innovations
  • EXCLUSIVE New keynote: Mohammed Wassim Khayata, Al Maryah Community Bank –  Success journey to becoming first bank in UAE to gain a digital-only license, customer onboarding, security

Identity Week Europe is becoming THE European central meeting place for the identity community. 

The online agenda can be found here:

FREE passes are available for our media partners and press, providing unlimited access to conference theatres, stellar content on both days and our expo. We hope to meet you in our press lounge! 

Please don’t delay to register and secure your place now.

A few reminders about Identity Week Europe 2023!

A few reminders about Identity Week Europe 2023!

The two week countdown to Identity Week Europe is on, with excitement from identity leaders reaching fever pitch!

Europe’s flagship identity event, Identity Week Europe, is returning on 13 and 14 June at the RAI, in Amsterdam – for the first time! 

The event gathers huge organisations with the largest stake in revolutionary identity technology – from travel, financial services, government, healthcare and social media, where the demand for secure verification and identity access management to protect our public, private and citizen data is self-driving use cases and deployments. 

These commercial organisations, solution providers, government entities and associations are long-standing partners of Identity Week – with a focus on innovation to ensure security, privacy and a seamless experience. 

Attendance is growing at unprecedented rate at Identity Week Europe – 3000+ global identity leaders have booked their free tickets!

We cannot wait to experience the buzz of the exhibition floor and conference theatres at the RAI.

The online agenda can be found here:

Key timings 

Day 1  – Tuesday 13 June

Conference: 08:45 – 17:50

Exhibition: 08:00 – 17:50


Day 2  – Tuesday 14 June

Conference: 08:45 – 16:30

Exhibition: 08:00 – 16:30


FLASH SALE with 3 weeks to go until Identity Week Europe 2023 kicks off!

FLASH SALE with 3 weeks to go until Identity Week Europe 2023 kicks off!

🚨Mark your calendar and set your alarms!🚨

We are thrilled that a broad cross-section of the identity ecosystem has now registered for our FREE expo pass for Identity Week Europe, however we want to highlight a very exciting offer coming this week only…

On Wednesday we will be announcing a FLASH SALE on our full conference passes!

This is happening for a limited time only, so be quick! You won’t want to miss out on this unprecedented opportunity to upgrade your ticket and benefit from over 200 expert speakers across 6 conference stages during the two days. Get exhibition and premium conference content access.

Stay tuned for our official sale launch and prepare to grab your discounted Identity Week Europe tickets before they’re gone!We can guarantee ticket prices will not go lower than this as the time is nearly here to welcome our most impressive show to date. 

Daniel Goldscheider, Open Wallet Foundation: Developing open standards that underpin identity wallets

Daniel Goldscheider, Open Wallet Foundation: Developing open standards that underpin identity wallets

Daniel Goldscheider, Founder of the Open Wallet Foundation speaks to ahead of his panel discussion on identity and digital wallets at Identity Week Europe. He acknowledges that technology innovation has entered a new state of play with the combination of crypto, bitcoin and our valuable digital credentials with wallets.

The foundation is extremely valuable in the field and focuses on the development of open standards to underpin the variety of commercial wallets solutions available from vendors like Google and Apple.

The interview discusses the pros and cons of competition within the wallet market as the largest technology vendors capitalise on the new revenue opportunity. Our Editor, Evie Kim Sing, asks whether so many different wallets contributes to innovation or is detrimental to interoperability and compliance with open standards.

The fragmentation of their design and development impacts the security of wallets while customers are being encouraged to store all their digital, identity and payments credentials in one place. Daniel gives his take on how the security design of these wallets will be navigated by vendors as a challenge to adoption.

Asked whether every sector is taking a stake in the wallets, he said:

“Some people in the (identity) industry think wallets are about digital identity. People in the credit card world would say digital identity wallets are important because they hold tokenised credit and debit cards. The wallets are all of these use cases and so much more – holding everything from academic to healthcare credentials, digital keys to cryptocurrencies”.

The interview covers:

  1. What is the role of associations/foundations in the field? How has the Open Wallet Foundation evolved and what is the added value in participating?
  2. How have ISO versus open standards evolved?
  3. Do sectors like finance or government need to take a bigger stake in identity wallets, with payment or digital credentials?
  4. Do you think the competition of different wallets is beneficial for innovation or is detrimental to interoperability?
  5. What is the current standard of security in wallets? How can they be made more secure?

Daniel will be speaking more on the theme of  verification for wallets on Day 2 at Identity Week Europe 2023, which will take place at the RAI, Amsterdam from 13-14 June.

Register now:


Latest sponsor announcements – Identity Week Asia 2023!

Latest sponsor announcements – Identity Week Asia 2023!

We are thrilled to share our latest lineup of sponsors at Identity Week Asia 2023! These sponsors are at the forefront of the digital identity revolution, and they’re helping to drive innovation and progress in the field. We couldn’t be more excited to have them on board.

  • Innovatrics – Gold Sponsor
  • IQ Structures – Gold Sponsor
  • Saviynt – Gold Sponsor
  • GET Group – Gold Sponsor
  • Iris ID – Silver Sponsor
  • JURA Security Printing – Silver Sponsor
  • Linxens – Silver Sponsor


We will be opening our doors to over 2,500 attendees150 start-ups and exhibitors and 150 speakers to Asia’s largest identity event. Do not miss your chance to get involved!For more information on sponsorship and exhibition opportunities enquire below…

2023 START-UP CITY…Innovation is at the heart of Identity Week Asia – We provide a global stage connecting innovators with the world’s most influential companies, investors and media.Investors come to find the next big thing, global media comes to find the next big story and businesses come to find the next big revenue opportunity, whether it’s an acquisition or partnership.

Free ticket to the world’s largest identity expo in Amsterdam next month!

Free ticket to the world’s largest identity expo in Amsterdam next month!

Evie, welcome to IDENTITY WEEK EUROPE.Identity Week Europe is THE meeting place of Europe’s identity giants and we are now only 4 weeks away!With 6 conference stages, 250 exhibitors200 speakers and 4,000 attendees, the entire identity ecosystem will be in Amsterdam, the new home of Identity Week Europe, seeking the latest tech and partnerships to solve the biggest issues facing identity today.

Every year we reserve a select number of FREE conference passes for financial services sector employees to ensure that financial services bodies are able to remain at the forefront of innovation in identity.Think this could be you?

What’s included in your premium expo pass?🎟️ 4000+ attendees🎙 200+ speakers⭐️ Iconic keynote speeches🎤 6 conference stages📣 Presentations from world-leading brands🔥 Enlightening panel discussions with identity experts🗝 Dynamic roundtable discussions⚡️ Exhibition showcase with 250+ brands✅ Peer to peer networking🚀 Start-up city🚀 Start-up pitches🍾 Networking events📱 Identity Week Europe app

Join us 13 – 14 June 2023 at the RAI and celebrate our move to Amsterdam by claiming your FREE pass today!

What else is there to look forward to? Your premium VIP conference ticket doesn’t just give you access to 6 incredible stages packed to the brim of identity enthusiasts, you’ve also got this to look forward to:

The ID Week expo250 strong, the Identity Week Europe exhibition is our global flagship showcase of cutting-edge tech solutions to authenticating human identity. Whether via a secure credential, biometric, or online/digital identity solution.

Exclusive roundtablesPremium ticket holders can access in-depth roundtables and engage in dynamic, intimate discussions led by some of the brightest minds in identity.

Start-up CityFollowing the huge success of our start-up village in 2022, we’re upgrading to a start-up city complete with 100 innovative start-ups working in the identity space. Meet the teams behind the future of identity.

Annual MIDWEEK drinks partyAt the end of day 1 join us at our beach party starting at 6pm; a networking party to end all other networking parties! Enjoy live entertainment, drinks and make great connections…

Premium networkingBored of emails? So are we! Shed your email exhaustion and join the identity industry live and in-person this June. Build those all-important business relationships face-to-face.

Two seminar theatresGet answers to some of the biggest questions facing the identity industry right now. For the first time ever, we’ll have TWO seminar stages jam-packed full of exciting content…

👀 Latest keynote speaker announcement inside 👀

👀 Latest keynote speaker announcement inside 👀

With Identity Week Asia 2023 taking shape, we are proud to announce our first keynote speaker, who will be joining over 150 industry thought leaders presenting at this year’s event! With tickets currently at 50% off, NOW is the time to register for your conference pass and join over 2,500 industry peers on our exhibition floor.

Cyrus Bhathawalla is the Chief Administrative Officer for J.P. Morgan Payments APAC. Previously, he was the Global Head for Real Time Payments at JPM.Join Mr Bhathawalla at Identity Week Asia 2023 in Singapore for the ultimate meeting of industry experts in digital identity, security documents, verification and authentication, and payments in November!

Floor plan selling fast at Identity Week America 2023!

Floor plan selling fast at Identity Week America 2023!

With spaces at Identity Week America’s start-up city filling quickly, now is the time to apply!Innovation is at the heart of Identity Week America – we provide a global stage connecting innovators with the world’s most influential companies, investors and media.We will be welcoming over 3,000 industry professionals to this year’s event from industries including banking, financial services, government, travel, e-commerce and healthcare, to name a few!Drive brand awareness and utilise our unique networking and funding opportunities by showcasing your start-up at Identity Week America 2023 for FREE!

Confirmed start-ups include:

Campaign Verify 

Campaign Verify is a non-partisan, nonprofit service for U.S. political campaigns, parties, and PACs to verify their identity. Identity verification with Campaign Verify ensures that U.S. political entities are not improperly spoofed when they use digital and telecom services to communicate with voters and supporters. Campaign Verify is an independent, trusted third party that interacts with digital service providers. Since its launch in 2021, Campaign Verify has vetted the identity of over 10,000 political entities including Federal, State and Local campaigns.


Cyberneid designs, creates and manages services and software/hardware solutions, mobile and desktop, for:

  • the electronic passport
  • the digital signature and certification of documents in compliance with the eIDAS regulation;- secure onboarding and strong authentication;
  • the management of virtual electronic identities on smartphones.
  • the use of the electronic identity card


eGator builds biometric products for identity verification and payments. Their proprietary recognition technology allows for partnerships and multiple use cases, including but not limited to security, social and financial inclusion. The sole objective of eGator is to curb identity theft and identity theft fraud in the EMEA regions, while enabling digital identity as a major asset that underpins the future of banking and finance.


Secfense provides a practical cybersecurity solution that simplifies the deployment and management of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), ensuring a secure environment for critical applications and data.

The User Access Security Broker (UASB) technology enables organizations to apply 2FA and MFA across their entire application infrastructure without the need for modifications or complex integrations. This reduces development time and minimizes the risk of human error, resulting in a faster and smoother implementation.

Secfense supports various authentication methods, such as TOTP, FIDO2 and U2F tokens, biometrics, and more, balancing security and user experience. The solution is designed to be flexible and scalable, adapting to the growth of your business, new applications, and an expanding user base.

Sekura Mobile Intelligence Ltd.

Sekura works directly with Mobile Network Operators in over 20 countries in six continents handling the subscriber data of millions of their customers securely, with full data compliance, providing an end user with a secure and swift onboard or login authorised by their SIM card preventing fraud and exposure to scams.


Trully creates solutions to minimize the risk and fraud in the organizations through the usage of machine learning, big data and collective intelligence.


Trustmatic is a fast-growing identity verification platform that helps businesses prevent advanced fraud attacks and onboard more users into their platforms with a high-level of accuracy. We offer an all-in-one streamlined verification process built on industry-leading biometric technologies and AI. Trustmatic enables users to verify their identity in seconds using just their ID and a selfie while maintaining a seamless user experience and KYC compliance.


TeachEvolve is all about identity. It is the movement and solution that allows everyone – parents, teachers, pupils, schools, school governing bodies, unions, Edtech suppliers, private sector, and the government – to contribute directly to the identity of a child. This is possible due to a unique timing opportunity where the technology is available – Self Sovereign Identity, verifiable credentials, and a need from all stakeholders to collaborate to change and provide personalized, tailored, and lifelong education to every child in the community

Identity Week Europe: new speakers on the pulse of identity trust, interoperability, accessibility and less friction

Identity Week Europe: new speakers on the pulse of identity trust, interoperability, accessibility and less friction

Final arrangements are being made to bring you the next edition of Identity Week Europe.

With over 4,000 attendees set to come, the event will be the most thought-leading conference to-date with key players in the room and sharing their insights on stage and ground-breaking solutions being presented to match industry demand. We are thrilled that you are joining us on the 13-14 June and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome you through the door. Upgrade to a full conference pass now to access every track and 100+ expert sessions across 2 days. The full conference agenda is finalised and speaks for itself in cultivating a show that has experts from each key sector and domain of identity and digital represented.

Our latest speaker to announce who will be delivering a solo analysis of The Netherlands’ Smart Digital ID Wallet is Michiel van der Veen, Director of Innovation, RvIG! 

The Netherlands is a central location where many European stakeholders interplay, and diving headfirst into its kingdom-wide wallet strategy, The Netherland’s pulse on innovation has been emulated elsewhere in Europe for technical and trust interoperability.

Dr Michiel van der Veen, Director of Innovation at the Netherlands Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations, will showcase the country’s efforts, successes, and the way forward for a compliant and accessible identity wallet.

With the impending EU digital wallet promising complete interoperability but allowing countries to devise their own systems of digital credentials in one place, it is a popular topic that permeates through the conference agenda.

E.g. Panel: “Creating an Accessible and Frictionless Digital ID Wallet”This cross-industry panel tackles the idea of creating an accessible and interoperable digital ID wallet.

This is the last week of our final price offer so upgrade your ticket before the 19th May to avoid disappointment!


ID:60 – Build38 helps government partners secure sovereign identity for users

ID:60 – Build38 helps government partners secure sovereign identity for users

Build38 assists government and private sector partners in protecting users’ data and sovereign digital identity in various mobile applications and wallets. This strength of enabling the whole industry to be a master of their own data is unlocking commercial opportunities and changing the way services are delivered to consumers.

With easy application, Build38 integrates mobile application solution technology with artificial intelligence and app shielding technology to protect data integrity in new mobile applications and allow ownership to be returned to the user.

The software solutions specialises in mobile security as more applications are enabling us to transact and present digital credentials through our phones.

In 60 seconds, CEO of Build38, Christian Schlaeger outlined Build38’s solution for in-app protection.

  • What aspect of mobile app security led you to start your company?
  • You protect data for companies – how important is this currently within the private ecosystem and government?
  • What trends are emerging regarding data privacy and giving users back the control over their data sharing?  


Latest keynote and agenda announcements – upgrade your pass today!

Latest keynote and agenda announcements – upgrade your pass today!

We can’t wait to welcome you through the doors at the RAI, Amsterdam in June for Identity Week Europe 2023.

We wanted to take the opportunity to outline some of the incredible content you may be missing out on without a full conference pass, as NOW is the time to upgrade.

Identity Week Europe is the premier event for the identity industry, bringing together industry leaders, experts, and innovators from around the world.With a paid ticket, you’ll have access to a wide range of premium identity content, over 250 speakerspanels and networking opportunities that you won’t find anywhere else. Take a look below at some of the full conference features…

Session: Establishing Secure Digital Identity in the Metaverse: theSantander StoryIldefonso is the CDiO Customer & Innovation at Santander UK and is leading the design, build and run across all self-service channel platforms across all business domains.He also looks after Research & Development and proofs of concepts as well as delivering high profile innovation programmes – Apple Pay, OnePay FX, the blockchain-based international payments service to retail customers.

New subscribers get entered into our prize draw to WIN iPAD and AIRPODS

New subscribers get entered into our prize draw to WIN iPAD and AIRPODS

Want to get your hands on a brand new Apple iPad and AirPods?

At Identity Week Europe in June we will be awarding two lucky winners this amazing prize of the latest Apple gadgets if you sign up to receive our Identity Week newsletter at the event.

Each new subscriber will be automatically entered into the competition with a chance to win these top prizes worth hundreds of pounds!

All you have to do is visit the Identity Week stand or Interview pod at the event and scan our QR code signage to enter.

The winner will be announced at the show on the exhibition floor in front of thousands of attendees and experts in the identity industry.

Register now to attend Identity Week Europe and have the opportunity to win the competition!

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