Share your insight and participate in a full stakeholder forum with all of the identity industry based in Asia.

We are now accepting enquires to be involved and speak at Identity Week Asia in November 2023, with an expanded conference agenda to cater for any specialist subject in the identity space.

We will be facilitating discussions that move applications and sector innovation forward in our historic topic areas: Security documents, digital ID and biometrics.

Although the scope of subjects we cover has increased and follows huge trends such as mobile ID wallets and decentralised identity – providing users’ more control over sharing their identity and personal information.

Our Asia region specific conference is uniquely positioned and grounded in digital onboarding, IAM and e-payments and tackling fraud in financial services which will attract an impressive turnout of banking professionals to meet at the show.

There is also variation and a holistic approach immersed in Identity Week Asia which will acknowledge how digital identity is infiltrating many industries and sections of society with world-class use cases.

The “technological revolution” of digital identity goes further than any one area which is why during the two-day conference, our attendees will also have the opportunity to meet and listen to top representatives from the aviation and travel industries, the public sector and healthcare.

These experts will talk in nuanced panel sessions focused on the role of biometrics for passenger safety and interoperability and trust frameworks being thoughtfully curated by governments.

Don’t miss out on the chance to share insights with the industry and align actionable goals, as well as push yourself to achieve personal goals of driving change to provision more identity use cases.

You may be working on current applications or developing innovative technologies to share with the most influential members of the identity community.We are looking for industry expertsprofessionalsentrepreneursuniversitiesR&D centresassociations and organisations to speak in thought-led sessions and be involved in a multi-faceted event. 

If you have any questions, or would like to speak to a team member about speaking opportunities please contact: Matty Shafran