Senior Bulgarian officials have confirmed that new ID cards will store biometric data and be usable as travel cards for European travel.Bulgarian Deputy Minister of Interior Krasimir Tsipov confirmed the status of the cards, due to be launched this year, at a press conference in Sofia.”The new card will contain biometric data, which will provide an opportunity to pass through electronic gates in EU countries, ” he said.He added that eID facilities will be added to the card, and that a new law on electronic identification will be passed.”Citizens will be able to use electronic services provided by the state through it. We expect increased security,” Krasimir Tsipov added.Last November, official said the government has decided to press ahead with development of new Bulgarian identity cardsThe decision includes plans to embed RFID chips in the ID cards, making them consistent with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) requirements, which will enable using the ID card as electronic document while travelling and for digital identity services.The country will shift to a new model of centralised personalisation of Bulgarian identity cards.This includes activities for delivery of equipment (hardware and software), forms for Bulgarian identity cards and supplies and licenses required for the manufacture and personalisation of the ID cards; performing activities of production and personalisation of Bulgarian IDs and transportation of issued Ids from the personalisation centre to 29 centralised points for administrative services of citizens during the life cycle of the equipment supplied.