The UK's Liberal Democrat party has proposed that government oversight on a police-held facial recognition database be extended as part of a major shake-up in how Brits' biometric data is stored.Lib Dem ministers David Laws and Simon Hughes say that a regulatory regime that currently applies to DNA and fingerprint records in the Protection of Freedoms Act should cover all biometric data and other identifiers of innocent people including facial images.A parliamentary committee last week said it was “alarmed” at a database held by police forces in England and Wales that stores an esimated 18 million facial images, including photographs of innocent people with no criminal record.”Treating innocent people as guilty without any sense of fairness and justice goes against the very fabric of our values as nation”, said Lib Dem Minister for Civil Liberties Simon Hughes MP.”As the law stands, police forces can hold facial images of innocent people without their consent and use them to identify faces in CCTV footage without any democratic oversight. Developments like this only lead to undermining our faith in the very people tasked with protecting us and sets a worrying precedent.The Liberal Democrats want to impose a moratorium on the government creating any new databases, or using any new technology that infringes the rights of innocent British citizens, without prior oversight and scrutiny from parliament.Led by Nick Clegg, the Lib Dems are part of a coalition UK government. But the party is predicted to fare poorly general elections scheduled for April.