Professor Fraser Sampson has indicated his intention to stand down from the Home Office as Biometrics and Surveillance Camera Commissioner for England and Wales, which would be affected from 31 October, 2023.

His resignation comes as the government is currently passing the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill through the House of Commons to axe the role of biometrics commissioner and hand over the respective functions to Investigatory Powers Commissioner.

In the role, which he held since March 2021, Sampson was responsible for overseeing the collection and use of police biometric data while ensuring police compliance under the surveillance camera code of practice. Upon being appointed, he expressed his intentions to maintain momentum of delivering the National Surveillance Camera Strategy.

With China being one of the biggest offenders of public surveillance using CCTV and biometrics, during his time as biometrics commissioner, one of Sampson’s achievements was to challenge central and local government ministers to clarify their positions on buying surveillance cameras from controversial tech company Hikvision, which is part-owned by the Chinese state.