Threat intelligence firm NuData Security has revealed a study which uses behavioural analysis to identify how online fraudsters are infiltrating accounts.Data discovered by the firm's NuData Cloud View has shown that attackers are “rapidly evolving their methods to avoid detection”.The company's analysis showed that “account takeover is the new credit card fraud”.Over the past 90 days, of all account transactions analysed, 4 percent were high risk where only 3.5 percent of credit card transactions were identified as a fraudulent attempt.It also showed that there there has been a 112 percent increase in sophisticated scripted attacks on logins, and that breached accounts are rarely used for more than five purchases.Importantly, NuData said that account takeover and new account creation attacks are more challenging to detect as compared to conventional fraud tactics. “Fraud teams must be ever vigilant as fraudsters leverage account takeover over credit card cycling. Expecting consumers to maintain strong, non-reused passwords isn't feasible, meaning ecommerce organizations shoulder an even larger responsibility to protect their brand and users,” said Ryan Wilk, director, customer success, NuData Security.”Being able to detect when and how fraudsters are utilizing stolen identity data is the key to this. Fortunately, this can be accomplished by harnessing the power of an online fraud detection solution with behavioral analysis capabilities, both conscious and subconscious.”