Aware, a global provider of biometrics software products, solutions and services, announces that its mobile biometric authentication platform, Knomi, is fully configured for a variety of touchless applications needed today. With offices and buildings reopening in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the importance of easily integrated, touchless authentication solutions has never been greater. Knomi meets this need directly as a trusted, flexible, secure and contactless biometric solution for a variety of use cases.

Since the onset of Covid-19, the general population is more aware than ever as to how the frequency of interactions per day put them in contact – and risk – for virus spreading. Shared touchscreens and kiosks can retain viruses, as well as create a slow, cumbersome authentication process that produces lines and close quarter waiting, jeopardizing social distancing guidelines. As industries felt the impact of the global pandemic, the workforce, travel and hospitality groups saw a particularly significant decline. Even with post-Covid travel making a comeback with return to office plans being put in place and entertainment venues reopening, hesitation persists with consumers demanding mobile solutions that reduce – or mitigate – the need for in-person engagements that may jeopardize their health. By incorporating biometrics into visitor management, border control, and mobile authentication workflows, these demands can be addressed directly, granting users access to their accounts and offices quickly, safely and confidently.

“The demand for touchless authentication solutions has never been higher, and we’re proud to have a trusted solution in Knomi that meets this demand immediately,” said Bob Eckel, president and chief executive officer of Aware, Inc. “Knomi’s industry-leading face and voice biometrics already provide our customers with a convenient and flexible authentication solution that replaces fraud-prone passwords. But it is also an ideal solution for touchless workflows as well, providing world class authentication without the need for shared touchpoints, while providing our customers and users with some much-needed peace of mind after Covid.”

The Knomi mobile biometric authentication platform uses mobile devices and browsers to provide a trusted registration process and authenticate users safely, securely and conveniently. With industry-leading face and voice recognition, passive liveness detection, and flexible device-, server-, and browser-based options, Knomi is a secure, convenient customer onboarding and authentication platform for virtually any use case.

Companies and organizations interested in touchless authentication solutions can expect to address the following use cases and benefits with Knomi:

  • Visitor management: Enroll and authenticate visitors and employees securely, conveniently and safely with Aware’s touchless, biometrically-powered visitor and employee management solutions. With Aware, visitor management providers can use existing devices or kiosks to conduct biometric matching and liveness detection at check-in, providing a safe, secure and convenient visitor and employee access experience.
  • Border and transportation management: Authenticate and process travelers quickly and frictionlessly without the need for shared touchpoints. Knomi’s industry-leading face and voice matching and liveness is highly secure and entirely contactless, providing increased security and peace of mind for travelers and authorities alike.
  • Venue access management: Welcome visitors to large-scale venues conveniently and touchlessly with biometrically-powered onboarding and authentication solutions from Aware. Enable secure, streamlined access to popular locations such as concert halls and sports arenas without the need for physical tickets or long lines, and provide a more convenient option for age-dependent purchases with built-in identity assurance.