Australian officials have revealed more details of a facial recognition system that will enable various law enforcement agencies to share image matching capabilities.An $18.5 million (US$13m) system called the Capability – short for The National Facial Biometric Matching Capability – is due to be operational from mid next year.Justice Minister Michael Keenan said this week that the system will enhance anti-terror efforts and will help combat identity fraud.”It keeps Australians safe by protecting their identity and it allows our law enforcement authorities to accurately and efficiently to identify someone who might take their interest,” he said.The national facial recognition system will provide a hub mechanism for agencies to launch queries against facial images recorded on passports, visas and driver's licences, with officials saying it will help tackle organised crime. It will operate on a “hub and spoke” system rather than a single database.Keenan said the program would operate under the Privacy Act 1988 and agencies would need to have legislative authority to collect and use facial images.”The capability is being established with strong privacy safeguards, informed by independent privacy impact assessments,” he said.