Global payments giant American Express has launched a pilot that uses facial recognition to authenticate mobile payments.Senior staff say that technologies such as biometrics can broaden the payment provider's appeal to consumers in new segments, such as heavy mobile users who want to use digital payments, reports the WSJ.”There's a large population better served by something other than credit or charge cards,” Neal Sample, president of the Enterprise Growth group at American Express, told the magazine.His group worked with Wal-Mart Stores Inc. to develop a prepaid, reloadable card called Bluebird. It also created a digital wallet and peer-to-peer payment system, called Serve.According to the WSJ report, David Baldie, AE's director of technical delivery in Enterprise Growth, has also been testing with ways to enrol and authenticate face images on a mobile device.In December, American Express added support for Apple's Touch ID in its iOS app.”Thrilled to see the addition of Touch ID, which was the biggest thing I've been waiting for. Very easy to get whatever information you need on your accounts at a glance, pay your bill, see your rewards, ” wrote one reviewer on the App Store.Earlier this year, MasterCard announced that it will launch a biometric pilot with a major US credit union as part of a $20 million investment in cybersecurity efforts.