Risk mitigation company CARCO has joined forces with Accurate Biometrics, to offer a range of live scan fingerprinting solutions to its clients.The agreement will see CARCO include fingerprinting products in their management solution, which is aimed at companies in the risk mitigation and pre-employment screening market.”We are beyond excited about the opportunity to partner with Accurate Biometrics for fingerprinting services,” according to Beth Sinkus, CARCO Group's SVP of business development. “The collaboration effort to create a fingerprinting solution that will minimize the intrusion of our client's candidates, provide extremely reliable prints, and maximize the efficiency of the process will allow us to offer a truly unique and valuable solution to many new and existing clients.”Accurate Biometrics has been given fingerprint channelling privileges straight to the FBI, with only 12 other organisations being given this benefit. A large range of companies are now needing fingerprint-based criminal record checks, as opposed to the traditional methods. The fingerprint biometrics market is forecast to total US$12bn by 2020, with the Middle East region projected to grow at a CAGR of 15% until 2020. This industry is driven by large biometric investments from both enterprises and governments, which have been made to develop e-passports, national ID cards and e-governance solutions. The fastest-growing sector in the overall fingerprint biometrics market is the non-AFIS fingerprint biometrics segment, with an expected CAGR of almost 13% in the foreseeable future. A number of innovative biometric technologies are being introduced to smartphones, which signifies a new potential revenue stream for the industry. Thanks to growing research and development investment 3D biometrics are also projected to see their adoption rise. Governments across the world are bringing in regulations and laws that are intended to improve security in commercial locations such as, malls, healthcare centres and office buildings.